Why Your Life Isn’t Changing Despite Your Best Efforts


>>> Why your biz isn’t growing
>>> Why your financial position isn’t changing
>>> Why your marriage has gone stale

No amount of external change is going to create inner happiness. There is a crucial foundational building block that must be in place before you can build and create ANYTHING:

You have to know yourself deeply, and energetically, as if you yourself are a piece of art or scientific machinery that can be deconstructed, analysed, and DEEPLY understood!

Without knowing your most intimate design, your energetic blueprint, and the energies (and therefore circumstances) in which you thrive, you’re trying to build a life, a business, a marriage on quicksand.

Without clarity of self is it any wonder you have no clarity in your life and business?

But when you know WHO you are… you  become a match for everything you desire.

After spending years working on my own self-development, spiritual knowledge & strategic business growth, what I quickly learned was that MOST WOMEN are focusing on out-souring their power and externalising the solutions in order to try and create some sort of inner change.

Pay attention because this is one of the most important and foundational things you’ll ever learn in life and it could save you years of wasted time and give you back years and years of LIFE!

 Most people think the answer to all their problems is outside of themselves. Whether it’s a massive Instagram following, or a fancy sales funnel which is pedestalled as the silver bullet for business growth, or a shake up in their marriage or home life to attempt to FEEL loved & abundant & hopeful again, or all of the above, the pattern of externalisation is rife.


 Manifestation isn’t about the DOING, it’s about the BEING… you’ve probably seen this a thousand times on social media. But “BE yourself” is useless advice unless you can actually define in real terms who you actually are.

 To change your life and to create the most abundant reality for yourself you must first MASTER yourSelf.

This self knowledge can be found in the ancient wisdom and quantum science of Numerology and The 10 Energy Bodies.

Does this sound familiar…?

> You’ve absorbed a gazillion astrology readings & horoscopes only to forget about them months later because they never stuck

> You find yourself in the same situations over and over and over again, whether it’s money, business, relationships or all 3

> You’ve got no idea what you’re really here to do and spend far too many headache inducing strategy sessions trying to pin down your niche and your messaging so you can convey the power of your work to your (hopefully) potential clients

> People don’t really seem to “get you” in the way that you want them to “get you”, in both life and business, and to be honest you’re not really sure you “get” yourself

> You get overwhelmed when you try to dig into the depths of your psyche to uncover why it is that you keep sabotaging yourself and end up not getting anywhere so return to the hum-drum of your normal life, the one that’s frustrating the hell out of you but you can’t seem to crack

> You’re in a plateau with business or in a rut with life (or both) and the breakthrough continues to elude you. You’re at the point where you’re not even sure you can have what it is that you want… that perhaps you just weren’t destined to have that abundant life you see other people having.

> You see other women who seem to know themselves inside out and have an abundance of knowledge on their spiritual charts which seems super empowering for THEM, but so frustrating for you because you have no idea where to start with birth chart analysis (and the worse one is when you don’t know your birth time. Spoiler alert: Numerology only needs your birth date, not the time).

Without clarity of self is it any wonder you have no clarity in your life and business?

The common denominator here is YOU!!

We want you waking up feeling inspired, well resourced, crystal clear on who you are and what your super powers are, ready to face the challenges of life & biz fully equipped with the tools to overcome whatever comes your way. You’re not against hard work or difficulties, but handling them would be a damn sight easier if you felt fully confident in your own self knowing and self leadership.

A true inner self knowing actuates real lasting change in the external world around you.

No more temporary dalliances with self development hacks or Full Moon ceremonies to purge your own crap. The one thing that will always stick is YOU IN FULL INTEGRITY WITH YOUR OWN SOUL.

What’s going to happen if you keep trying to stumble through life chucking spaghetti at the wall and hoping that either the spaghetti or the wall gets stickier completely of its own accord?! 

> Continually outsourcing your power is going to give you arm ache (from all that spaghetti throwing). I jest, but seriously, it’s going to make your Soul ache. Doesn’t your Soul ache already? Dying to be fully self expressed into the world?!

> An absence of self clarity and self leadership is going to keep you stuck in self doubt, distrust, shame, blame, fear, remorse, regret, anxiety, frustration, bitterness… and the rest. These emotions are designed to be temporary frequencies, not permanent ones, and yet most people spend most of their lives stuck in this place!

> Being stuck in the emotions that don’t serve you means that the truest essence of your Soul remains hidden from the world for good. Clearing the stuff that doesn’t serve and stepping into integrity with your Soul blueprint, i.e. who you were always designed to be is going to make you magnetic, magic, and irresistible to those around you!

People who know themselves deeply & intimately are the people who lead the world, change the world, and revolutionise the world for the rest of us.

There is nothing more inspiring and activating than clear, aligned & fully expressed Souls. These are the people we pay attention to in life!

 Your SELF KNOWING & SELF LEADERSHIP is the magnet for a life of abundance & receptivity.

Knowing how to use your Numerology Chart and your Energy Bodies to cultivate this magnetism, self-confidence and awareness is the fast track to a feeling of liberation, alignment, and congruence in who you are, how you’re showing up, and how the world is manifesting around you.

One of the foundational teachings of my work, and of my life, is “The 3 Incarnation Intentions” (taught inside the 11 Universal Laws). These are:

You are here to have a human physical emotional experience
You are here to use that experience to contribute to the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the Planet for the greatest highest good of all humanity
You are here to be the expression of Divinity through the human filter

In a nutshell… you’re here to do good things, big things, life changing things! Not just for you but for your family, loved ones, and clients too.

The world needs you to do what you’re here to do, to be who you’re here to be, and get into alignment with your true self instead of giving your power away to everything that you’re not.

Numerology and Energy Body Science provides the clarity for your own self-knowing, self-leadership & self-actualisation.

Consider me your personal Priestess Numerologist & Quantum Physics Witch!

I am here to not only teach you this ancient wisdom so you can truly begin to see yourself and become yourself, but I’m also here to help you do the same for other people!

There are a few signature key courses are classes where I can teach you exactly this and right now they’re all bundled together in …

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“Priestess Numerology”


Learn the language of the Universe, how it’s coded into your spiritual barcode (your birth date and nothing more), what that means in real terms, and how to use it to actuate self-discovery and self-actualisation.

Use this knowledge to change your beliefs so they become congruent with who you were always meant to be. Change your behaviours & habits in alignment with your energetic blueprint and experience a real time shift in your clarity & magnetism as you show up in life and business.

PLUS… help others do exactly the same!

“Receptive Numerology”




Learn how to communicate with Source through the recurring numbers you see all the time plus a bonus masterclass on the quantum physics of the receptive feminine and how to tap into it. Please note this is NOT Angel Numbers. The depth of my numerology knowledge far transcends the free crap on the internet!




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A 12 Month Self-Led Journey To Embody Conscious Abundance & Effortlessly Create MORE Of What You Truly Desire.

Master all the Energy Bodies so you begin to radiate with magnifying, expansive and abundant energy (This is your built in manifesting system, master this, and you can create on demand!). Become a manifesting magnet so you encompass all that you desire… this goes beyond “calling stuff in”. 




“Fast Energy Fast Cash”




The key here is speed, and momentum. This is a masterclass you will have lifetime access to and be able to repeat over and over again.

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“The Antidote”




When you take The Antidote, you’re able to SEE the evidence even though it isn’t there, it transforms your physical body into a faith brewery. It renders all beliefs redundant and requires nothing more than a simple alignment process. Your energy becomes the architect of your reality and your power the interior designer of the most impossible dream. 


Possibly the greatest money mindset course ever recorded, all through the lens of energy body magic. This one frees you from the trap of scarcity mindset!




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