Why You Shouldn’t Care What Other People Think


I was out for drinks with a friend the night before I flew to LA (so technically I have no idea when that was because I’m so time-zone confused right now, ha!), and I was speaking very openly about some pretty taboo subjects.

My friend commented how unfiltered I was, and how unbothered I was about people around me judging me for the things I was saying. I was making no attempt to apologise for my straight-forwardness, or lower my voice so others wouldn’t be “offended”.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t being rude or invasive, I just genuinely don’t care what other people think. 

And here’s why:

Because other people don’t actually care about me, or what I have to say. People only care about themselves (for the most part).

If someone shows interest in me, or my life, in order to pass judgement on me, it’s only because I serve as a mirror for what the need in their own lives in order to move forward. 

If I’m anything less than my authentic self then I’m doing them a disservice because I’m not being an accurate mirror.

Being myself helps others to heal the parts of themselves that would otherwise be buried if I didn’t activate a trigger in them. 

Being myself is of service to the highest and greatest good of all humanity.

If you needed permission to always be your own unfiltered self then this is it. 

Being yourself is of service to the highest and greatest good of humanity. 

Be yourself. Speak openly. Say what’s on your Heart. Do what’s important to you. 

The world needs the presence of your Soul, otherwise you wouldn’t even be here. 

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June 5, 2019