Why would it happen any other way?


There’s something I realised today as I drove back from the kitchen showroom place… (we’re upgrading our laundry room into a Pinterest-worthy storage-magic haven that will satisfy my Virgo moon very much)

In my wisdom and many years experience of manifesting a life beyond my wildest dreams, I’ve established a very solid normal which is:


I always get what I want


And even the idea that I might not get what I want isn’t an option. Why would ‘it’, i.e. anything, happen any other way other than the way I want it to happen?

To clarify, I’m not talking about the ‘how’ things happen. That is not my decision, my business, or something worth wasting my time on.

But, in terms, of ‘what’ I want… that ALWAYS happens. Somehow. Somewhere. And quite often very quickly.

I wanted to be able to pay a deposit at the kitchen place today and walk away with a completed design and schedule for our laundry room. I didn’t want interest free credit, or a long lead time, or anything which over-complicated matters. I also didn’t want to spend hours there because I have better things to do, i.e. writing to you to share my insights.

I got what I wanted.

Thinking back on other times I’ve decided I’ll have what I want and received it without question:

  • I wanted a new assistant inside Ask H to assist all of us, i.e. me, Ellie, Mia, Ben, and the extended contractor fam. But I didn’t want to write the job spec, or do the interviewing, or be invested in the decision. I just wanted the best person.

    She appeared. Her name is Leah. She does things that make me yay. We love her. She also laughs at how un-millennial I am, even though I am technically JUST inside the age bracket of what it is to be a millennial ?

  • I wanted to have Stephen at home more often in the lead up to our wedding whilst I was going through some deep relationship trauma wounds and healing.

    Thanks Covid-19 ?

    (to this day Stephen still isn’t convinced the global pandemic is/was nothing to do with my desire to have him home more ? )

  • Upon realising we needed to change our holiday plans last minute because of quarantine ridiculousness, I decided I wanted to manifest an additional 5k passive income to boost the holiday pot, so the cost of a paying for a second holiday on top of the first one (which is just being rescheduled to next year) wouldn’t be felt in the cashflow.

    I opened MCM on a flash sale vibes with no lead up and did exactly what I wanted. 


What I want for the rest of this year is bigger, more expansive, more abundant, more everything than I’ve ever dared to desire in my 32 years so far.


But I always get what I want. I’m not available for anything else.


This is a solid foundational thought, belief, mindset, and decision that underpins all my intentions and subsequent actions. It’s a foundation that has taken years to build, only because I didn’t realise HOW I was building it.

I’ve been using what I now call the 4 pillars of conscious abundance, and I’ll be sharing the full inside scoop of what this is, how to embody and implement it, in my FREE 5 day coaching experience at the end of this month.

September is the month I’m dedicating to our collective runway… a runway into a life of MORE, for all of us. 

It’s completely free and all the pre-work is happening over in the pop-up Facebook group. 

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My love always




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September 2, 2020