Why Willpower Fails

Do you struggle to hold yourself accountable? I think we’ve all asked our friends, partners and coaches to help us stay true to something we’ve decided to do or achieve, only to realise that ultimately no-one can hold us accountable other than ourselves. But we love to outsource responsibility, because then we don’t have to deal with the disappointment and self critique when we inevitably fall off the wagon.

But here’s the thing… falling off the wagon isn’t actually inevitable. Yes, that seems to be our shared reality more often than not, no matter what the “goal”. New Years resolutions have the rep they do for a reason. After the initial excitement has worn off, so does the motivation, old habits creep back in and before you know it, you’re back where you started, gaining nothing but a large dose of self judgement.

This reality will be inevitable as long as you’re relying on will power to make the change. Will power is an illusion, it’s a total lie (one that diet and wellness companies really love to profit from!)
Humans are creatures of habit, we’re hard wired to keep playing out the same routines because our ancient brains believe that’s what keeps us safe. You stick to the path you KNOW doesn’t have any predators on it and you don’t divert under any circumstances. Your will power isn’t enough to override hundreds of thousands of years of biology.

But your energy is.

The other thing about will power is it tends to activate hustle mode. It puts you in a very masculine place of doing, strategising and self neglect posing as discipline. None of these things can be maintained for very long at all.

A devotion to your energetic capacity, availability and receptivity though… that changes everything!

When you devote to the self care practices required to keep your energy wide and open, no matter what type of day you’re having, you increase compassion — a much stronger motivator than will power!!

When you devote to the daily business tasks that allow minimum input, maximum output, you create more with less — goodbye burnout!

When you devote to a practice of self awareness, you create depth to your experience, which communicates your mission to the world in a much clearer and more connected way than “just keep showing up” ever could!

Devotion allows for a sovereign connection to Source and Soul, which nourishes you and your energy into an ongoing state of receptivity which is forever deepening and expanding, no matter what your mood, your hormones, your kids or your personal life might be doing. Will power eventually burns out, devotion is eternal.

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