Why Not Being Able To Afford Something Is A Good Thing

Here’s a controversial money tip that will have your accountant and sensible uncle turning all shades of beetroot:

Buying things you can’t afford is NOT a bad idea

We have all been conditioned to believe that we mustn’t spend beyond our means, and that if we don’t have the money to pay for something, we shouldn’t have it.

But of course that’s not true when you know what I know about energy.

And money is just energy. It needs to flow. And sometimes we need to encourage that flow by spending (sometimes using money we don’t ‘have’).

I mean truth be told no one actually ‘has’ money. It’s not really something you can contain. It’s energy, and therefore expansive, and therefore limitless, but I’ll get into the quantum physics another time.

One of my mastermind girls messaged me the other day to show off her brand new designer handbag purchase (if you know me, you know I really appreciate well made bags and shoes).

A few days later she signed a client for almost x8 the cost of the bag.


Because enlightened spending reaps enlightened reward.

Did she put that handbag purchase on a credit card?

You betcha! Because when you know it’s coming back to you anyway, savvy credit card spending is just simply smart cash flow!

The energy of knowing is the energy of guaranteed manifestation. 

It’s actually got nothing to do with money, and everything to do with your Soul awareness.

I frequently spend money I don’t have, using credit cards, loans, or overdraft facilities, because I know by pushing my spending limits, I’m opening my energetic receiving limits. And the more we receive energetically, the more we receive financially. Money is just energy.

The biggest financial push of my life ever was purchasing the 1million pound home in 2017. Technically on paper I couldn’t afford it. The bank manager who gave me the mortgage was obviously a physical manifestation of one of my spirit guides. Or something. 

The day I moved into this house, I couldn’t afford it. 

Within months I had x10 my income, and paying my mortgage was, and still is a total breeze. 

Now I’ve got my eye on the next house, which is a cool 3.85million. And you can bet I can’t afford it.

But I’ll buy it anyway. Because expansion vibes. Because I know how money works (and it’s not what your accountant and sensible uncle would have you believe). But ultimately…

Because I get to have what I want! (so do you FYI)

Money is the energy of commitment, and when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone financially speaking, we work our assess off to ensure that money doesn’t just return to us, it comes back tenfold. 

We do the Divine work. We do the inner work. We take the inspired action. We show up. We do the external work. We get that we live in 3D and 5D, and practical work is required too. We do the mindset work. We do the energy work. We do the human work. And we do the Soul work.

And you know what? It fucking works!

If it’s too easy you won’t work for it. If it’s too affordable, you won’t show up for it.

Ready for knowledge, expansion, and freedom beyond your wildest?

My love always




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February 11, 2019