Why I love launch time!


Happy fri-yay!  Today we announce the pre-launch of my brand new hybrid mastermind / online course programme to the exclusive 1000 who have joined us for runway month.

Next week we’ll launch it to the public (I’m sure you’ll hear about it then if you’re not already in the pop-up Facebook group).

In the lead up to this launch I have become healthier, more relaxed, more balanced, and more abundant than I have in any other launch.

Pays to practice what you preach haha.

Now, I love launching… love the sale, love connecting with people, love welcoming new faces and old friends into exciting containers for epic transformations… love the creative aspect of designing & building the sales pages with my team, the photo shoots, writing the heart-pouring emails daily, and getting super giddy on Instagram.

BUT, in the past I used to notice feelings of anxiety, burnout was unavoidable… disappointment, frustration… wild expectations that just didn’t match my energy, and whilst I could still pull off 5 and 6 figure launches from this space, I’d quite often tap out before the doors closed.


Launch time in 2020 has felt completely different. Despite the mess created by ‘rona, we’ve had our most successful year ever, already, and it’s still only September. In fact we hit that marker for ‘best year ever’ back in June. Pretty sweet hey?

Launching in 2020 for me means doing ALLLL the energy work which fills me up so much, everything is effortless, and I become a magnet for exactly what I want, including my most effortless £300,000 launch to date. It was a breeze. Literally. I barely even breathed a word about it and in came £300k. One of my mentors jokes that I’m the only person she knows who can sell out a programme just by thinking about it haha!

She’s not far wrong… only, I’m not just “thinking” about it. I’m anchoring and embodying it right through every essence of my existence. And then yes… I get what I want. It’s pretty fail-proof.

So by June 2020, it got me thinking…. wouldn’t it be cool if other people knew how to do this? It’s an entirely new way of manifesting, that works, and it’s fun, it’s good for you, it’s healthy, and healing, and abundant. Just using everything that already exists within us in 2020 (we’ve evolved since 2019 incase you missed that memo).

Naturally when I download new information from Source, I implement for myself, experiment with my own life, master that shit…. and then teach it. 

This is exactly how I’ve quantum leaped from £200k DEBT to self made millionaire in 3 years, from abusive toxic relationship to marrying the love of my life in just over a year (would have been a year to the day except…. ‘rona), from out-of-touch hustle bunny pursuing other people’s dreams to easily and effortlessly calling in magical clients, abundant streams of cash, and living the most beautiful luxurious life. I still pinch myself in awe of what I’ve created.

And all of this I created from nothing. From rock bottom. From below rock bottom. With not a penny to my name. 

But you bet your ass I got my hands on loans and credit cards and started investing in my safest bet…. ME.

Not my business, not my branding, not a photo shoot or any PR…. ME.

And these days when I’m in launch mode… what am I investing in… ME. And the results…. well you’ll see 😉

I’d love to teach you this stuff. I’m launching a new programme next week to do exactly that. It’s a hybrid mastermind / online programme in a 5 month container. IT. IS. EPIC. All levels of epic. 

The early birds are being given access to it today…. if you’d like a sneak peek, make sure you sign up to the free coaching sessions and join us in the pop-up Facebook community.

>>> Join us here <<< 

My love always



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September 25, 2020