Why Blood Queen?

There’s a big reason I’m so passionate about the Blood Queen Masterclass. It’s the same reason I’m so passionate about teaching, coaching and my role as Priestess of Light.

Personal power. 

Without personal power, we’re trapped. We can’t lead ourselves, we can’t discern, we can’t take control of our education, we can’t make informed decisions. We’re vulnerable. In the worst cases we become victims. 
One might wonder why we were never gifted with the knowledge and wisdom required to cultivate personal power when we were children, there’s a tonne of theories out there that venture an explanation, but whatever the reason is, it’s my ultimate passion that we cultivate it now. 
It’s why I do everything. I’ve been known as the Money Queen for years now, but it’s quite possible that my desire to see you in full self leadership and full personal power has overtaken my desire to see you in oodles of material and spiritual wealth. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to see you abundant AF, in whatever way that looks for you, but I’ve come to understand that you can’t be truly spiritually wealthy without personal power and self leadership. And I’ve come to witness that it’s the lack of these things that’s keeping our society stuck in systems that favour a few whilst perpetuating suffering for the rest. If we want a new paradigm, we need to be able to lead ourselves to one! 
For women, one of the greatest tools for personal power and self leadership is a relationship with your menstrual cycle. More than that, a relationship with your body, a straight talking daily conversation with her and your hormones, your emotional waves, your physical experience and how it informs your spiritual experience. It’s the key to unlocking the most potent form of sovereignty from directly within and becoming an empowered force of feminine nature. But of course, as children, we weren’t told any of this. We were lucky if we were given more than a 30 minute class on tampons and pain killers at school. “The Curse” was simply something that would start happening to you once a month, and it would be a total pain (sometimes an excruciating one) that you must keep to yourself and pop as many pills as necessary to keep you appearing happy and productive. 
Excuse me whilst I pause to vom. 
For our generation and the ones before, it’s on us to uncover the truth. Thankfully, women are starting to get their hands on this information and over the last 5 years or so, educators have sprung up all over the place with their books and courses and retreats and women’s circles. Halle-frickin-lujah!! There can never be enough of these spaces! Even when every human in the world is equipped with this information, these spaces are a must for community, as a modern day Red Tent. A nod to the days when women in their villages would sync up and bleed at the same time and enter a physical Red Tent together to bleed in sacred peace, to rest and nourish themselves and each other. BLISS!! We need our Red Tents back. 
The Blood Queen Masterclass is my contribution to this. 
In this space you’ll receive guidance on the uniqueness of your cycle & getting to know your personal super powers – how everyone experiences each day of their cycle differently. Detaching from comparison or the pressures to be a certain way or maintain a certain level of “doing”. 
How your menstrual cycle may support you in breaking your karmic cycle – we’ll figure out your personal karma via your numerology chart and look at how karmic patterns make themselves known through the cycle and how you can work with it to break them. 
When periods are used as another way to put women in a box – throwing the rules out the window, understanding what’s “normal” and learning the language of your body. 
Tracking your emotional cycle – What your emotional barometer is telling you about the spiritual insights waiting to be decoded via your cycle. 
Plus much more!! 
You’ll enter into a community of women who are embracing their womb wisdom and their magic on a journey to rid themselves of the narratives we’ve all grown up with that did nothing but instil shame, fear and embarrassment. 
You’ll begin a conversation with them, with yourself and with your body that will not only allow you to rise into the most potent form of self leadership but to change the story for future generations. 

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My love always, 

Harriette x