Why are we waiting?


Happy Hump Day

Yesterday I experienced another colossal energy upgrade which catapulted me even further in the direction of my life goals and fulfilment of my Soul purpose.

I’d been holding off making certain investments until more money flowed through the various accounts.

As my energy expanded yesterday, so did my capacity to give and receive (Rich Mentality vibes), and so I wired the money that desired to be wired, and threw caution to the wind where my financial “responsibilities” are concerned.

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to ensure my Soul Purpose is fulfilled in it’s 7th manifestational dimension!

And whilst the money consciousness, rich mentality vibes is all well and good for creating magic and miracles in my life on a daily basis, it’s made even more magical by the fact that I speak fluent numerology and so I’m able to communicate with Universe effortlessly.

The Universe was coded in numbers before she manifested into the complex intricacies and magical designs we experience in our current reality.

Everything in the Universe can be deduced to a number, including our Soul Path and our Soul Destiny Blueprint.

Did you know we all have very specific gifts & karma we pull through with us when we incarnate and these can be decoded from our birth date?

When you can read your own map clearly you don’t need to wait. You just get to collapse time and move from one milestone to the next with clarity and conviction.

If you’re curious to learn more about the numerological chart readings I do, make sure you head over to the Ask Harriette Soul Support Squad on Facebook and turn on notifications.

I’ll be jumping in there to do complimentary live numerology readings next week!

Love always



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February 5, 2020