Who are you?

Who are you when you’re in receipt of all your desires? A question we’ve been asking inside The Holy Grail this week. 

The answers we’ve been receiving are like a lyrical fist bump… 

I am bold 
I am brave 
I am cheeky 
I am certain 
I am at peace 
Unabashedly, unequivocally, unbound, unreservedly, wholly, freely, expansively ME!! 

I mean, if that doesn’t light a fire in your belly, burst open your heart and make you scream HELL YEAH I’m not sure I know what will! 

And that energy you feel when there’s a fire in your belly, your heart is wide open and you can’t help but allow your vocal cords to harmonise your full bodied YES – THAT’S the energy that calls in your desires pronto! 

Notice how none of the answers consisted of things like strategy, content, offer suites, pricing structures, websites, companies house registrations, flashy home studios, professional photos, funnels or anything else we love to think makes us “legit” when it comes to the pursuit of what we desire. 

That’s because desires aren’t created with those things, and the Soul knows this. So when you tap into a place of “who am I when I’m in receipt of my desires”, the Soul can’t help but take the lead and SHOW you the truth. The problem is, we then proceed to forget that truth and scramble around trying to force our desires into fruition with all the masculine tools we can get our hands on. 

Now I’m not saying for a second those things aren’t entirely valid and necessary. You won’t get that far at all without them, there’s a reason I have three whole Queen programmes dedicated to content, sales and offers. BUT, they only work when they are in SUPPORT of your feminine flow. Not when they are used to disregard and bypass your Soul truth, or, worse yet, to validate your ego.
The feminine takes care of herself, the masucline takes care of the situation. Without the feminine in her full surrender, faith and trust of what’s on her heart, the masculine has nothing to take care of, and so all of that masculine effort begins to run around in circles, burning itself out and making little to no progress. 

Is that a lightbulb I hear going off?  

Your desires are the foundation of your feminine receptivity. They are the key to unlocking the energy that allows for the receipt of them to be so much easier, joyful even. But unfortunately, the industry would have you believe that as an entrepreneur, “being in your feminine” means nothing more than quitting your corporate job and locking yourself in a home office for 15 hours a day instead. As long as you’ve scattered rose petals around and have a kundalini mantra playing through Alexa.

If we’re going to harp on about freedom lifestyles and fulfillment we should probably start making sure that’s what we’re actually experiencing, right? ACTUALLY experiencing, not just for the gram. 
If we’re going to do that, we need to remember how our bodies are supposed to operate. We need to remember how to do it like a woman. 

My next two containers are fully, unabashedly, unequivocally dedicated to remembering, or perhaps discovering for the first time, how to BE in your feminine, and open up to the true level of abundance life has to offer when you operate in alignment with your energetic make up. 

The Way of The Priestess, the one on walking the priestess path >> Sign up to The Way of The Priestess here << 

The Sovereign Reign Mastermind, the one on releasing yourself from the masculine cage >> Sign up to The Sovereign Reign Mastermind here << 

Other ways to dip your toe in the pool of unadulterated Soul desire right now are… 

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My love always,