Which party did you RSVP to?



Let me give this to you straight, because I’m getting a little incensed by the pity parties arriving in my inbox lately

Your desires ARE your destiny

They’re not unobtainable, out of reach, or for everyone else except you

When you email me saying “oh but Harriette, my husband divorced me, I’m raising two kids, I’m on food stamps, but I want so badly to build my business and make a difference in the world”, you’re missing the god damn point.

The point here babe is this:

You want to build your business and make a difference in the world.



Do it?!

If you desire it, it’s because your Soul is screaming at you to get the hell on and fulfil it. That’s what your desires are for! To remind you what you’re here to do. Your desires aren’t there to taunt you, or make you feel like shit. They’re there to motivate you to get the hell on with it.

The only thing stopping you fulfilling your desire, is the story you’re selling yourself about why it’s impossible for you.

Don’t email me like I’ve got some magic trick up my sleeve that I’ll give you for free that’s going to suddenly transform your life.

You’re the magic trick babe. 

But you’re also your worst enemy. 

Getting out of your god damn way is the HARDEST thing to do. Yes I get that. But it has absolutely nothing to do with your ex husband,  your kids, your perceived financial situation (because it’s all an illusion anyway), or any pity parties you’ve been RSVP-ing to recently.

And it’s got everything to do with you completely forgetting this one simply truth:

Your desires ARE your destiny.

It’s that simple.

Don’t let the patriarchy bash it out of you. Let me reinstall it.

Say it with me:

My desires ARE my destiny. Mine. All mine. Perfectly achievable. Perfectly reasonable. 

Now before your ego kicks in and starts ripping you to shreds with the HOW, mantra this in:

I am a Soul within a body and my Soul knows what to do.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Are you ready?

We have reopened a handful of slots to work with me and my team, in a 1:1 capacity, a mastermind capacity, or a pod capacity. 

>>> Book in a call here to figure out which container fits you best <<<

I have one simple requirement of you:

You must be willing to take radical personal responsibility to make this part of your journey an epic success.

(This is for men and women.)

Can’t wait to talk to you soon.

And in the meantime, listen to your freakin’ Soul babe, seriously… what do you think it’s there for?! ?

Love always



Posted on

March 12, 2020