Which of these happened to you yesterday? (I got both!)

Good Morning Cherubs!

This morning I was delighted to wake up to lots of new clients entering the Money Mindset System


I was surprised to notice that a few of you who I have been talking to recently weren’t on that enrolment list.

Ok actually I wasn’t surprised because this happens every single time.

One of two things happens (and the first I can now genuinely relate to):

  1. Life happens. Quite often involving a child, or a fur baby, or some equally heart-tugging distraction and your intention to get yourself enrolled is forgotten as you juggle a million other issues like the super-human you are!


  1. Ego kicks in like a bitch and has you running back to your comfort zone before the dreaded promise of Abundance dares to rear its ugly head. How dare you invest yourself and jump on the financial freedom bandwagon?! That’s not for you silly Soul! Ego knows best. Step AWAY from the enrolment form!

Oh, honey. I know. I’ve been there. Quite often in both places at the same time. 

Yesterday I almost invested over £20k in something (if I go ahead with it I will reveal what it is soon), but Ostara woke up from her nap wanting a feed. And then she sicked all over me, and herself, and the cat. And then my haters decided to show up on social media to offer some additional grief. A gift which was kindly returned, but not before I put it on blast in my Instagram stories. And by midnight I was shattered, still un-showered, and painfully aware that I’d have to get up at 6am. Bedtime! Bye bye 20k investment I was dangerously close to committing to.

By the way I am totally aware I manifested some of this to ensure I didn’t blow 20k on something that perhaps wasn’t aligned.

Only this morning I’m still thinking about that investment, and feeling more certain about it than I was yesterday. It feels good. I’m still thinking about it which is a good sign. I still really really want it. Which is an even better sign. 

Fortunately I didn’t miss a deadline to make it happen. I’ve technically got until the end of the month to decide.

Yes I’ve got tons of other bills to pay this month. Including my tax bill, which won’t exactly be spare change. And I’ve just spent 11k on my Soul Sister Mastermind clients, hiring a beautiful mansion in Florida for us all to hang out in next week. 

So I’m spending a lot at the moment. 

Does that mean I shouldn’t spend more?

No of course not. I recognise when I’m spending well, I’m opening up my capacity to earn and receive even more. It’s called the abundant flow of money. We spend in order to receive. We receive in order to spend. 

So, realising I don’t have to rush a decision, and recognising that a few of you, who I know really really want to join the Money Mindset System might have felt rushed by last nights deadline….

*** drum roll please ***

I’ve decided to keep the doors open for just 24 more hours!

If you’re still thinking about it this morning. If you’re still desiring to create more abundance in your life. If perhaps something happened today which caused you to enter into a negative spiral and you’ve reached the limit of your current experience and you’re ready for CHANGE, then here is the sign from the Universe that you were subconsciously asking for yesterday.

It is your time to step up, get off the fence, and take control of the magic in your own life. 

You have just 24 hours

Don’t let it pass you by a second time!

5 weeks

7 steps

3 live group calls with me as your coach

Too many pre-recorded video trainings for me to remember

1 month free access to the Love Your Light Club

14 subliminal healing & alignment meditation tracks

40+ men & women going on this journey with you

3 bonus videos (Desire Decide Done Mini Money Bootcamp)

11 Universal Laws (yes you get this class as a free bonus too)

1 Business Basics Online Course (also a free bonus)

20+ Money affirmations to use (also a free bonus)

LIFETIME access to all of this ^^^

And so much more!

Here’s everything you need: The Money Mindset System for Consistently Manifesting Abundance Into Your Life

>>> All the info, testimonials, and payment plans <<<

Make it happen today for just £200 (6 month payment plan)

My love always



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January 17, 2019