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Happy Sunday Soul Fam

I’m doing the energy work… and thought I’d share a little insight with you.

October 2020 is currently sitting at my most successful month yet… in the first two weeks alone Ask Harriette Ltd achieved just under 200k in sales. Right on target for the monthly goal… and then things slowed off. My energy dipped. I caught myself in moments of self-doubt, questioning, anxiety, panic, judgement, fear, and ‘meh’.

It’s been a challenging month, and there’s been massive upheaval in my life both personally and professionally, not to mention both Ostara and I being REALLY ill for the majority of the month.

I did the bare minimum for those first two weeks and still managed to smash all my previous launch goals, despite not being the super-motivated, high-vibrational human you’d think you’d need to be to be hitting those sorts of figures. 

Doing the energy work isn’t about staying high vibe, it’s about staying connected. 

Not just connected to your Soul, or your Higher Self / Spirit Team, and/or Source, but connected to all 10 of your energy bodies. It’s the depth of this connection to ALL of you that creates the transcendental shifts and subsequent results. 

Walking my talk this weekend, here’s what this looks like:

1 – Connecting to my Soul self… what makes me FEEL good?

2 – Connecting to my Negative Mind and creating the negative space for those energies to be alchemised using a mixture of womb magic and sexual manifestation.

3 – Connecting to my inner fire, my motivation, my WHY.

4 – Freeing myself from judgement, especially judgement of myself, comparing myself to others and freeing myself from other people’s aspirations. Big self-love work.

5 – Connecting to my physical body and moving in all the ways to move the energy. Also connecting to my inner voice, outer voice, and the master teacher within me.

6 – Visioning! Spending time in the vision, actively projecting that vision to my architects as a form of Divine communication.

7 – Glowing the ‘eff up and radiating the whole essence of mySelf out into the world

8 – Breathing. Breathwork, money-coding, abundance-seeking and abundance-anchoring.

9 – The subtle work. Reviewing everything that has come into my reality since my “energy dipped” so I can read the signs and interpret where I need to shift.

10 – Radiate. Turn my leadership into legendary truth that heals myself and the collective.

Pretty neat hey?

The first part of this is the easy bit (well easiest bit), and most people do this on a daily basis anyway… meditation, journalling, self-care, deeply connecting to what you want and how you want to feel.

I took my MORE comrades on a deep Soul connection journey earlier this week, and I’ll be doing those very same meditations myself this afternoon… truly walking my talk!

From the second energy body onwards though it becomes a little more-complicated, and this is what I’ll be walking the MORE students through this coming Tuesday. The negative narratives we hear are actually an asset, but we’ve been taught and conditioned in recent years to ignore the negative thoughts, to push them all to one side, to write them off as untruths and not let them “get into our energy”, but that’s a dangerous strategy… quietening the negative mind doesn’t alchemise it, it just suppresses it… 

And we all know what impact suppression has on a Soul…

Are you ready to go deeper with your energy work? Is this where you’re not going all in with your goals and desires? Do you know how to manifest from all 10 energy bodies?

>>> Join me for M.O.R.E. Doors will be closing soon. <<<

My love always


p.s. i’ll keep you updated on my energy shifts using this exact process


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October 18, 2020