When You Dare To Be Disruptive, You Dare To Dance With Destiny

Dare To Be Disruptive

This week I have been teaching my Soul Sister and Soul Mister Masterminders about ‘Chaos Theory’ and how using this theory can help catapult them into previously unimaginable realms of success and possibility.

Whilst I can’t share the full extent of the ‘Chaos Theory’ here (spoiler alert: all will be revealed in September), what I can tell you is this:

When You Dare To Be Disruptive, You Dare To Dance With Destiny

And this is a GOOD THING

We spend far too much of our lives playing safe, playing small, taking few too risks, and never asking those uncomfortable questions

And that’s OK, because why rock the boat when you’re reasonably happy settling where you’re at?

Umm, let me tell you why

Because you deserve way more than just to freaking SETTLE!

What exactly are we settling for here?

Four walls and a roof?

A mediocre job?

A handful of clients?

Lifelong hand to mouth mentality?

Taking one holiday every five years?

Hey, how about taking one every five months?

How about having more than enough in the bank to cover all of your needs?

How about a waiting list of clients who are dying to work with you?

What about living in your dream home?

Or landing your dream job? A job so freaking awesome it doesn’t even feel like a job?

I hear you loud and clear.

“Because that’s not possible!”

Your ego said it before you even thought it.

And therein lies the problem.

We are all fundamentally led by ego.

We all succumb to a mindset conditioning (at varying different levels, but we all have one).

We ALL err on the side of caution and safety, especially when it comes to money.

Because money is hard to get hold of right?


^^^ That right there is just another ego-driven, mind conditioned thought.

But when you dare to be disruptive, when you dare to challenge these thoughts, when you dare to think differently, or even entertain the idea of doing things differently… you dare to dance with destiny.

And when you dance with destiny, she leads you down a path of incredible self-discovery, which only ends up in one place.

And it’s the complete opposite of settling.

We arrive at abundance.

But you have to dare to be disruptive.

You have to dare to have those awkward conversations with yourself, to feel into those uncomfortable emotions, to uncover the blocks and the limiting beliefs, because I promise you, they are there… whether you’re aware of it or not!

Are you ready to disrupt your existing reality to create a brand new abundant one?

Get ready, because I’m taking you on one hell of a journey this week!

Are you in?

Do you dare?

My love always



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August 22, 2018