When we stop the money doesn’t need to


Today I’m stopping to grieve. We lost our Matriarch at the weekend, and we have her funeral this afternoon.

I’ve resisted stopping to grieve until now in an effort to ‘hold my shit together’, for the sake of my family, and for the sake of you guys, my Soul family.

But holding my shit together doesn’t honour me, and it doesn’t honour anyone else.

By holding my shit together I become an energetic invitation for my family to do the same, and perhaps you too.

My family need to grieve. They need to express the full weight of what they are feeling.

I’m sure you have stuff you need to release too. Whether it’s loss, or frustration, or anger, or fear, or worry, or something else. 

Sometimes we hold stuff in because we haven’t given ourselves permission to release it, because it’s uncomfortable, or awkward, or scary. My fellow brits you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say our upper lip can be too bloody stiff sometimes.

Energy NEEDS to move. This is why we have emotions:

E-motion: energy in motion.  

Honouring that emotion and allowing it to move is a huge act of self-love. It’s conscious.

Consciousness can be messy sometimes. The entire Universe is messy. If ever you’ve heard me teach Chaos theory you’ll know exactly what I mean.

It’s OK to be a hot mess. It’s OK to express your emotion. It’s OK to howl at the moon, shake your body, and sob your heart out.

It’s also OK to do it in your own time. 

It’s OK to stop and honour yourself. The world won’t stop spinning. Your energy won’t stop flowing. The money won’t stop coming.

The more you support yourself, the more the Universe can support you.

Consider this a quick lesson in Money Consciousness before I sign off for the day.

If ever you’ve given yourself a hard time for stopping, slowing down, or not working for a day for fear of sabotaging your income… don’t.

Remember this: when we stop the money doesn’t need to. It’s all just a matter of Money Consciousness.

Doors are still open, and will remain open until next week (we have an end date but that is fluid, just like everything else in the Universe).

I’m here to serve you. I have no interest in pushing scarcity sales techniques on to you. I’m here to teach you Money Consciousness so I can actually change your life. 

We have payment plans. If you’d like a longer payment plan, please just ask. I’m here to serve you.

And to do that to the best of my ability, I need to serve me too.

So, I’m going to grieve with my family.

Here is the registration page for the Money Consciousness Method: https://mcm.askharriette.co.uk

You can reach my team on support@askharriette.co.uk for anything you need.

Until tomorrow…. I love you. Honour yourself. Be true to you. And get Money Conscious. 

My love always



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May 19, 2020