When we search for the answers, the teacher always appears


Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for life.

Or so they say.

I’m not handing out fish, but I have just handed the life mastery key to 95 beautiful souls who enrolled for the School of Mastery this week.

We are now 1 week in to the launch and the response has blown even our minds!

The thing about the School of Mastery is this:

  1. It’s only £29 so it’s a total no-brainer investment
  2. It teaches in a way that is currently inaccessible anywhere else on the planet
  3. It caters for literally everyone, no matter where you’re at in life
  4. The price isn’t reflective of the value, because frankly the value is insane

In fact let’s break that down a little

In just one month, the first month, you’re getting access to:

  • Three Ask Harriette trainings (this month is all about the ego and the Soul)
  • A live guest masterclass with a guest expert who has mastered the topic of the month (this month we have Kassi Underwood joining us)
  • A guest training from another expert offered in a pre-recorded and lifetime accessible format (this month we have gifts from Caroline Britton)
  • A guided meditation (this month it’s a Sacral Chakra meditation to help you harness your Power as the seat of your transformation)
  • 2 live Q&As with our Certified Ask Harriette Coach, Mia, scheduled at different times to suit all time zones
  • The Facebook group… which is so much more than a classroom… it’s where you’ll meet & grow with your lifetime besties – peeps on the same wavelength as you

The value… of this month… the month in which we Master Power & Transformation… is easily over £1000… but it’s yours for £29

And you’ll have similar value added every single month

But the most important thing here isn’t the value of what you’re learning, it’s WHY you’re learning at

There’s an element of the School of Mastery that I couldn’t possibly put a value on, and I guarantee it’s something no one else on the planet can offer you

As a Priestess I have the ability to tune in to Planet Earth and the Universe, and foresee the energy shifts that are coming and how they will affect humanity

At present I can see as far as 2023, and I can break down the detail of the shifts into each individual month

So I know what you’ve been through this last week. I know how you’ve been feeling. I know the types of conversations you’ll have been having with people around you.

Everyone has been upper limiting, feeling a little under-the-weather, craving hibernation & self-reflection, questioning A LOT, and just not feeling quite themselves. 

This ‘season’ kicked in on October 24th. Scorpio Season. It’s an invitation from the Universe to step into your Power & personal Transformation. Hence the theme of this month in the School of Mastery, is the Mastery of Power & Transformation. Because I know what the Universe is asking you to do, and I know how to help you answer that call and master this aspect of your life.

Next month, in Sagittarius season, you’ll be invited to master Change & Expansion. In Capricorn Season, you’ll be invited to Master more of your Self. And the seasons continue on a monthly rolling basis, inviting us slowly but surely to become masters of our own lives.

I have mapped out a path for you, from today as far as 2023 to help you Master everything in your life and business, from sex and self-love, to your authentic voice & financial flow

The School of Mastery is not random, it’s prescriptive. It’s the Priestess Way, and it will keep you in alignment … which is all you’ve ever wanted really, isn’t it?

Because you know when you’re in full alignment, you can find peace, bliss, abundance, freedom, and all those things your Soul really truly desires.

I know your Soul has been desiring this,  because you’ve been searching for answers, and you found me, and the School of Mastery. So now the search is over, it’s time to enrol.

Doors close in 36 hours:

>>> The School of Mastery <<<

My love always



Posted on

October 31, 2019