When we messed with nature we messed with our birthright


Happy Easter weekend

It’s not often I would write to you on a weekend, especially a bank holiday weekend, but Mother Nature has words that cannot wait.

It’s storming outside. Rain. Thunder. Lightening. Raging winds.

This morning I was sunbathing. Basking in the warmth and light of the sun. Glorious weather for April, especially in the UK.

About half an hour ago, she turned.

A dark shadow cast across her skies blocking Father Sun, and as the clouds gathered promising impending gloom, I waited, patiently, and listened.

The first rain drop fell, and I sat motionless, waiting for her instruction.

As the storm picked up momentum I stood and wrapped my shawl around my shoulders, face turned up towards the sky, willing her to soak me through with her message.

Her tears poured down my face, and with a crack of lightening, her voice boomed loud above me:

“When you (humanity) messed with nature, you messed with your birthright”

She’s talking about climate change, plastic waste (heck even the creation of the damn stuff), pollution, sex trafficking, vaccines, anything that messes with man-made chemicals and defies the laws of nature, land fill, mining for fossil fuels, ocean dumping, over-fishing, over-farming, GM foods, the list is endless….

We are rodents of the earth behaving like senseless starving fools, ravaging her for everything we can get. Taking anything and everything from her.

Every. Last. Breath.

The wind howls of her pain. Her tears stream from the sky. The oceans churn with the toxins in her belly. And her stuckness is creating heat that hasn’t been able to release.

(N.B. In chinese medicine, when the energetic flow of the body isn’t balanced, the stuckness can create damp heat which affects the digestive and menstrual systems. causing pain and physical symptoms)

She has been cursing us for years, begging for her healing, and our unrelenting selfish pursuits left her only one choice….

She has erupted with the worst kind of fury… a virus… to attack our reckless nature-meddling creations. 

I’m still soaked through from standing in the rain. I must shower and get back to my family, but let me leave you with this, on Easter Sunday, the day of rebirth…

When we messed with nature, when we unplugged from Source, we also lost the capacity to follow our Soul purpose and experience true abundance. This is what she means when she says we messed with our birthright. Too many people are completely oblivious to what their birthright is, what their Soul purpose is.

I recognise with grace and humility the fortuity I’m blessed with knowing exactly what my Soul purpose is, and yet I’m admittedly struggling with the mounting pressure and responsibility facing me as I write this to you, sat in a house full of plastics, with two supercars on the driveway, more airmiles than I dare to admit, and not even the slightest clue how I can help in some way with all those other issues I mentioned above, and all the issues I haven’t even remembered.

What I do know is this:

I am here to help bring the true meaning of Abundance back to Planet Earth, which means several things:

  • I help everyone I meet, teach & coach to figure out what their Soul purpose is, and pursue it.
  • I pioneer new thought paradigms, realities, and lifestyles for people to model if it serves them to do so.
  • I teach and embody the true meaning of Abundance 24/7.
  • I shine a Light on problems that prevent us all from reaching true abundance (like the ones I highlighted above).
  • I challenge the status quo, do what I can to dismantle patriarchal repression, and (hopefully) showcase what is possible for all of us.

I can’t reverse the damage humanity has caused by myself, but with your help, we can all do it together.

The School of Mastery is my online virtual classroom, where myself, and a bunch of equally inspired, pioneering, conscious teachers, share wisdoms, trainings, tools, methodologies, insights, revelations, and start conversations which change the world.

I can’t fix the plastic problem, or speak to sexual trauma, or tell you how to heal your body, but if you can… and if that’s your Soul calling, I want to help you discover that so you can pursue it and change the world in your own unique way!

I can’t fix eating disorders, fear of giving birth, or parental trauma… but I can help you discover what it is you’re meant to be doing on this Planet, and if there’s one thing I know to be abundantly true, it’s this:

The world needs you!! You wouldn’t be here if we didn’t need you and your special conscious contribution. You are here to impact people and the Planet for the better. THIS IS A FACT. 

Let me help you. Join the School of Mastery. We can’t wait any longer. We have work to do. Together.

Reconnect to nature. Reconnect to Source. Reconnect to your Soul. Reconnect to YOU.

>>> It’s time to join the School of Mastery <<<

My love always



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April 12, 2020