When the Universe Rearranges Things AT SPEED


When the Universe Rearranges Things AT SPEED

This is what it looks like…

The best stories always start with me immersed in some form of water. This morning it was my infamous shower portal. 

It occurred to me there are better ways to reach more people, impact more Souls, & change more lives, than the way in which we (the company) are currently operating. 

We’re hitting glass ceilings because there’s only so much we can achieve as a small team, and yet this morning I was seeing visions of 40-person mastermind calls with all the support that naturally comes with Ask Harriette containers (tech support, coaching support, accountability support… you know I love to over deliver), and frankly this morning, we just didn’t have the logistics to deliver on my big dreams of impacting more people. 

So, instead of going to the financial solution, I went to the energetic one (it’s an alternative way to engage with the flow of money which seeks to serve those who honour their purpose on this Planet). 

What would it feel like to accomplish these new visions I was seeing in the shower? I saw. I asked. I believed.

And boy did the Universe deliver into my receiving!

When the focus is impact and soul purpose fulfilment, rather than goals, financial targets, and “making extra money” fast, the response and delivery times from Source are utterly magical.

Tip: when you find yourself obsessing over money and HOW you’re going to hit your financial goals, rearrange your energy into one of service and impact, and watch the magic unfold. 

Within hours, a newbie team member handed in her notice (decided it wasn’t a good fit for her, totally OK!), and a new dream boat team member arrived on Zoom to fill an even bigger and better role as a certified Ask Harriette support coach, customer happiness manager, and marketing assistant. What?!

So now with an extra coach on the team, and an extra pair of hands on a different time zone, we’re suddenly able to deliver round the clock support to our growing family of clients, AND achieve those visions I have of bigger containers with more support, greater impact, greater client results, and MORE abundance being delivered and received all over the world by our growing family of Soul clients. 

Welcome to the team Keara, we’re so excited to have you!

Energetic thinking, belief and action = aligned, fast, results.

Financial thinking, resistance and control = slow, clunky and often frustrating results (not impossible but not as easy as energetic thinking).

The obsession with financial security is a really old programming that doesn’t work.

 In the Aquarian age we work with greater energies, deeper trust, and in containers that help us collapse time, deliver impact & create change. The goal is not money. The RESULT is money. Is your thinking begin to adjust slightly?

More money love incoming!

Stay tuned,

Harriette x