When the teacher becomes the taught

My loves

Last night, my youngest child, Odin, led me to cancel the Preview of After Dark. This was a session we had planned exclusively for Ask H clients in advance of the premiere that is scheduled tomorrow.

I’m writing to let you know the Premiere is also being cancelled, because something far more powerful has come through in its place. 

This is the beauty of The Channel. It leads us to pure Soul expression and service that repeatedly creates abundance for all who participate.

What really wanted to come through poured through me last night has already been transcribed into the first chapter of a book, and recorded into audio format too. 

It is yours to receive right now.

>>> You can read or listen here <<<

Before you click on the link and listen to this magical unfolding and the power of this teaching, I want you to understand something. 

It is through gifts such as The Channel, our relationship with God, our Soul connection, and our roles as healers, leaders, and teachers, that we are able to transcend and fly above the humanness which threatens to keep us trapped on a daily basis. 

What we all desire at our very core is Freedom. 

Freedom from the mind.
Freedom from expectation & obligation.
Freedom from struggle.
Freedom from containment.
Freedom from fear.
Freedom from frustration.
Freedom from doubt.
Freedom from longing.
Freedom from uncertainty.
Freedom from self hatred.
Freedom from self sabotage.
Freedom from time limitations.
Freedom from scarcity.

I could go on… what we all desire at our very core is Freedom. We search for that freedom in the questions we ask others. We seek teachers, guides, gurus, healers… any form of help or self-help which gives the faintest whiff of promise & hope.

I am one of those teachers that has been sought on many occasions. In fact if you’re reading this email, I have been one whom you’ve actively sought at some point in your life.

But yesterday my own teachings became my teacher. I became the taught. 

It is through the humility of my experience yesterday I was able to surrender to the role of the student, and something far greater than me, than any of us, delivered a lesson I didn’t even realise I was asking for. 

But then of course, After Dark, was always designed to be the vehicle to deliver the answers of un-asked questions. 

Yesterdays lesson is the first instalment of “After Dark”. There is MORE to follow.

If you’re not yet signed up to this powerful teacher, you can do so here. 

If you’re already signed up and eager to receive lesson one, you can read or listen here.

After Dark is not a container, it is not an experience, it is not an event, a podcast, or a book.

After Dark is a teacher.

Until the next deliverance,

Love always

Harriette x

p.s. for those of you who would love to learn to channel, I will be closing the doors on this immersive and transcendental container at the end of this month. The teaching begins in April. You can sign up here.