When My Courses Don’t Sell…

What happens to the packages & places in my world that “don’t sell”? 

This does not need to send you into a self-negating spiral followed by hours scrolling social media comparing yourself to everyone who appears to be selling like crazy when it happens to you.

Sometimes, offers simply don’t fly off the shelf – for a whole host of different reasons, NONE of which end up meaning something negative about you. 

Here’s some strategic & mindset inspo for the next time the dreaded “lack of sales” threatens to tip that crown…

Sometimes I do big high ticket offers with a limited shelf life to encourage fast action. Typically these are for 1:1 spots or priestess training because the type of woman I work with is one who knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to go for it. Occasionally it’s for something like “The ONE” or a highly exclusive lifetime access offer. Either way the price point is usually 5 or multi-5 figures.

And sometimes these spots don’t always sell out right away!! So what happens to them??

They go to the secret Ask H Course Cellar! Think of it like a wine cellar full of exclusive prestige bottles of vintage that are carefully locked away in their own velvet lined cases, ready to be brought out for another special occasion or when we feel like celebrating!

Also in the course cellar, we hold vintage courses from 2018, 2019 and some 2020 editions too. Again these are kept on reserve for those days we fancy a taste of something old school but still delicious!

I adore this strategy and this way of treating the courses or packages that “don’t sell”. Because there’s no attachment or negative meanings made. It simply means the offer gets to be even more coveted, desirable & valuable as it sits in its velvet lined case, waiting to be brought out for a VERY special occasion!

So, would you like to join me on a tour of The Ask H Course Cellar??

>> Starting right now!! << 

Love always,