When mindset work becomes a cage

So often I see people getting so fixated on the self development work, it actually becomes self sabotage. They reach a point where it’s all consuming, they can’t move forward because they’re enveloped in a whole new mindset of looking for problems with themselves that MUST be fixed before anything good can happen. They’ve trapped themselves. And they can’t see it. 

If you’re inside the box, you can’t see the box.
If you’re inside your own mind, you can’t see your mind.
If you’re inside life, focussing solely on putting out daily fires, you can’t see life.


If you step out and change your perspective, not only will you be able to see the box that trapped you… you’ll see your mind, and your life. In all it’s full glory. In all it’s radiance. In all it’s uniqueness and effortless being.
You witness. 

As a witness, you’ll see you’re no longer inside. You’ve been liberated from the cages you built around yourself following step by steps, and how to’s, and structures and strategies that promised to be the golden ticket to an existence different from the already perfect one you inhabit. 

Structure was never meant to contain… it was always intended as the scaffolding for growth. You’re meant to build yourself a platform on which to claim a birds eye view of the world from, not a cage from the ground up around you. 

Be careful to not over strategise and over structure your life & business.
Often the strategies and structures we lean on so heavily build a construct around the mind from which the will of the Soul is kept a secret.
The will of the Soul needs to always be heard. The purpose of structure & systems is to give form to the will of the soul so it can come into creation.

When we operate using the will of the mind, we spend our lives trying to break free from the cages our systems and structures have built for us.
We fight against the very containment the will of the mind created.
A tree cannot grow in a box.
A lion cannot thrive in a cage.
A Soul cannot be heard in the mind.

But a growing tree can be supported by a timber stake structure.
A lion can thrive within the food chain systems of nature.
A Soul can be fully expressed within the systems & structures of conscious evolution & growth, aka “flow”. 

This is what my new masterclass The Witness is exploring in trademark Ask Harriette depth. Ready to break out of the cage once and for all? 

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Love always,