When it looks like success

How often do you fall into judgement, comparison and self criticism every time you see someone on the ‘gram shouting about their 10k month, their 6 figure launch or whatever financial quantum leap is trending as something to be achieved? 


It’s the ultimate vibe killer for so many. You can be having an epic day, and just like that with your lunchtime scroll, all your dollah stories make an appearance and have you convincing yourself you’re never going to hit those financial milestones, no matter how much of the “work” you do. 


Let me tell you something, there’s a big difference between turnover and profit. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard “Harriette, the business is making money, but I’m not!”. 


And that’s the case for SO many of us in the beginning right? From the outside it looks like you’re a raving success, but inside you feel like an imposter because you haven’t moved the dial an inch in terms of abundance in your personal reality. The flow is open, probably because you’re incredibly gifted and doing your Soul work full of intention and contribution. BUT, there’s a wall when it comes to that flow reaching your personal account. There’s a gap in your coin consciousness… 


You haven’t yet given yourself full permission to express yourself financially. That means the ugly bits as well as the pure luxe bits. You’re not feeling ALL your feels when it comes to the gold stuff, you’re not honouring where there’s stuck energy in the form of anxiety, ickyness around receiving or hard assed emotions caused by the societal narrative around making the cash. Without full permission to express your full experience with the dough, that energy has nowhere to go, so it gets stuck in your body, your mind and your balance sheet. 


That lack of permission spills over into your offers, leaving them void of financial depth and you avoiding responsibility for how they get out into the world in a way that has them achieving their much needed impact. I see SO many spiritual entrepreneurs getting stuck here because of the pesky belief that it’s not “spiritual to be rich” that leaves you stuck in a bust and bust cycle of only just covering expenses and nothing else. 


Let me break this down for you right now… 


Source NEEDS you to be overflowing in abundance, the more abundant you are, the more expressed you are, the bigger your contribution to the world. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the wealthiest people on the Planet right now are kind of fucking the whole thing up. We need more spiritual badasses who GET IT experiencing that type of wealth before it’s game over for us all. 


Permission and profit are the first two workshops being delivered in my free event next week, it starts on Monday, and if you’re not signed up yet, I suggest you do so here and block out an hour at 1pm UK everyday next week. 


Here’s everything you can look forward to… 



Receive full permission to feel your feels when it comes to your finances; the avoidance, the anxiety, the dread, maybe even the disgust – you’ll lay it all out to dry and understand exactly HOW moolah works so you can move from fear and shame to empowered and in control. 



Discover the easy ways to add financial depth to your offers so you can immediately increase your profits 
Learn the spiritual art of sacred daily selling so you can escape the boom and bust cycle (Source WANTS you to make more so you can reach more people with your gifts) 
Learn how to spend and save consciously so your coins stop mysteriously disappearing 



This is where we get magical. In this final workshop, I’ll share with you the 10 energy bodies that exist within you, and how to manifest cash through them daily. 
I’ll reveal the spiritual disciplines and practices necessary to replace doubt and fear with total faith and trust that M.O.R.E wealth is coming, all the time. 



Your opportunity to have your personal breakthrough, guided by me & Mia! Participate in the tasks set out in the workshops and you’ll have the chance to be selected for one of the hot seats available in the 3 coaching sessions. 



Wear your crown (literally, Command Your Cash Queendom), and get ready to party your way to the ULTIMATE embodiment of Moolah Consciousness with the most exciting reveal yet!!


Sign up here, tag me on the ‘gram so I can celebrate you, and tell all your biz besties! 


Love always,