What’s your word for 2019? (Apparently everyone has one ?)

What’s your word for 2019? (Apparently everyone has one ?)

I’m kinda half rolling my eyes at this one, because the New Year New You thing can be overdone. To excess. In a cringy ‘want to shred my vision board’ sorta way. 


This whole ‘word of 2019’ did actually get me thinking. I wish I could credit the person I first saw writing about this but i’ve seen half a million other generic posts about it since so… sorry.

A few days ago I shared an email with my end of year journal prompts (if you’re new to me in the last few days and didn’t get this email, feel free to ask and we will forward them to you).

My personal journal entries inspired by those questions resulted in some interesting observations. 

Perhaps the one area I’ve been avoiding embracing in 2018 is relationships. 

I’ve been nailing business for almost 12 years.

Money is a non-issue.

Travel, living, and the life of luxury is just a given. 

But relationships… I’m still figuring those out.

And I’m not talking about just romantic relationships. 

I mean every kind of relationship. 

Relationships with family, friends, clients, strangers, colleagues, employees, support workers, health practitioners, our local council, government, authority figures, coaches, therapists, trainers, and even our pets. 

Relationship mastery, for me, is the pinnacle of enlightened success, because relationships are the route to everything.

Money is wonderful, but it requires positive empowered relationships to bring it through… as in relationships with clients who pay you, or a relationship with a bank who offer you credit. 

If you know me you know I always talk about the flow of money and how important it is to spend and invest money, as well as save it. But to maintain a high vibrational flow of money, we are also dependent on enlightened relationships. 

Relationships are hugely beneficial. Not just in a ‘you scratch my back i’ll scratch yours’ kinda way, but also in a ‘we can hold each other in high-vibe accountability’ kind of way. 

People are co-creators with the Universe, so then what better way to increase your co-creative powers than to tap into a battery of empowered relationships through which you can access enhanced and expansive manifestation of your desires?

And then of course there is the most important relationship of all… the relationship with Self.

Through Self we can truly understand Others.

Self + Other = Source.

When you realise you have reached the pinnacle of relationship success with both Self, and Other, you realise you have truly arrived at Source, at which point manifestation and the fulfilment of your desire becomes practically instantaneous. 

So if you find yourself struggling to understand another, please realise this is because you haven’t fully mastered your relationship with yourself, and in making an effort to understand others from a place of compassion and curiosity, you quickly and expansively enhance your relationship with Self. 

For me in 2019, these relationships are getting my utmost attention, dedication, and commitment. 

My ‘word’ for 2019 is CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIPS 

(ok technically that’s two words but who made these rules anyway?!)

To do this I’ve created several mediums of opportunity & learning:

  • Hosting VIP days all over the world to bring together groups of high-vibe, like-minded, Self-invested individuals 
  • Joining a high-vibe, high-ticket mastermind of my own to level up my tribe & raise my game
  • Re-designing my self-care and spiritual practice routine 
  • Re-structuring the way in which I work with clients through masterminds, online programmes, 1:1 coaching, and my infamous Priestess Protege programme
  • Committing to more conversations
  • Owning my status as a Divine Leader – The Priestess of Light
  • Humbling myself in selfless service, meaning I will be sharing a LOT more
  • Taking myself far less seriously so I become the centre of my own study on this subject

If you’re also looking to level up your relationships in 2019, I urge you to join me in Florida for our first VIP day of the year, or apply to join one of my masterminds:

January 2019 – Divine Leadership Mastermind (2 months – 4 spaces now open)

February 2019 – Soul Sister Mastermind (6 months – 11 spaces now open)

VIP Day – Florida, January 2019 (people fly in from all over the world for these – use code TRIBEFORLIFE for 20% off)

Not ready to invest at this level? Perhaps my signature Money Mindset System is what you need? Get on the waiting list for January enrolment (you’ll be sent an early bird discount code in the new year).

My love always



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January 14, 2019