What’s your birth month? I can reveal some secrets for you!



If you’re a February baby I bet I can guess a thing or two about you….

Do you struggle to make decisions?

Do you find your boundaries are often violated or you cross the boundaries of others?

If you’re a March baby…

Are you super critical of yourself and others?

Do you catch yourself over pleasing?

If you’re an August baby…

Do you struggle with fear and anxiety?

Do you find you stretch yourself really thin?

If I knew your full date of birth I could tell you even more about you that perhaps you know, and quite a bit you have no idea about… in particular your Soul Purpose!

If you’d like a free reading, I’ll be doing a live stream in my Facebook group on Tuesday and picking people at random to experience a live numerology reading.

Make sure you head over to Ask Harriette Soul Support Squad on Facebook and turn on notifications so you can join us when we go live.

Excited to show you the magic of numerology!

My love always



Posted on

February 6, 2020