What’s in the M.O.R.E. Money Bundle?

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A few of you have asked me how this latest bundle is different to all my other money courses, so I thought I’d lay it out plain for you, but first let me tell you this:

You can’t hear my money teachings TOO much.

I can say the same thing a million different ways over the course of weeks, months, and even years, and sometimes it’s just one little thing I say from a tiny snippet inside a single video that finally makes it all click into place for you.

Everyone has a different connection point to the truth of my messages and lessons, but that’s why I’m always bringing out new material, recording up-to-date musings and riffings on money, so I can continue to help you deepen and embody your understanding of money consciousness, money flow, and actual financial & spiritual wealth in your life.

The M.O.R.E. Money Bundle is a series of 3 workshops (with workbooks), 3 recorded Q&A sessions, a copy of my Priestess Practice audio for connecting to your truest self and alchemising your fears and doubts around money, and a copy of my infamous Money Code with accompanying workbook.

Here’s what we cover in the 3 workshops, Permission, Profit & Priestessing:

PERMISSION – To go beyond Money Mindset

  • What is money ACTUALLY
  • The fundamental differences between money mindset & money consciousness (intro to 10 energy bodies, to be continued in workshop 3)

Permission to do Money YOUR WAY, looking at:

  • Money beliefs we acquire from others
  • Money making / receiving strategies we learn from others
  • Money beliefs we’ve put on ourselves based on past realities
  • Standardised money upgrades

Permission to do the Money Inner Work YOUR WAY too 

  • Consider if you have preconceived notions of HOW money mindset, money consciousness, money inner work “should” be done?!

Permission to trust and looking at why we DON’T trust the money to flow in ways that feel good to us

Permission to witness your negative narratives & habits, and give negative space to them

Permission to break free from the PAST

Permission to detach from the future (especially in launch mode and putting the pressure on the sale / numbers / customer to say yes)

Permission to ultimately SEE yourself as we journey through this work together, to SEE yourself without judgement, to hold yourself in compassion, and recognise your power to flick the switch from the past, into the present, and build your future from this point

PROFIT – Going beyond the spiritual and the scientific into the strategic 

Part 1: Daily Selling

Reframing selling and sales. Period. Because it’s changed anyway.

Getting comfortable with the idea of daily selling and/or selling in a way that feels good to you in your business.


How DARE you not share your offerings with the world on a daily basis
How DARE you hide, shrink, play small, show your kids that you’re afraid of shining your light etc.
How DARE you not charge your worth and give permission to others to do the same
How DARE you hold up the constructs and beliefs that have been holding you back
How DARE you continue to operate from the same “doing” and “being” patterns that have limited your financial flow thus far?

Part 2: Adding financial depth to your business straight away

Diving deep into the all the many strategic ways in which you can generate more money in your business TODAY!

YOU and Your Soul Expression are your most valuable assets… NOT sharing that makes you a liability to your abundance goals.

Plus I share with you the key question I ask myself every day to ensure the money flow stays wide open (I have my team include this as part of their daily practice as they start their work day inside Ask H HQ)

Part 3: Increasing your profit margins

There will inevitably be outgoings in your business that are eating in to your profit margin… typically things that aren’t giving you an ROI. In Part 3 we look at all the ways in which we can eliminate things which aren’t bringing you joy or abundance, because as we say in Ask H land “If it doesn’t bring you joy, and it doesn’t bring you abundance… we don’t freaking do it!”.

We stand by this quote so much we turned it into an artwork and popped it in our merch shop 🥰

Increasing profit margins isn’t just about reducing your expenses, it’s also about reducing your anxiety, your Soul sucking activities, and anything which fails to make you money.

Part 4: You are your niche!

In the final part of workshop 2 we dive deep into who you are, what you’re here to do, how you form a niche out of your human physical emotional experience and it’s POW-ER-FUL!

So powerful in fact, we stuck it on a hoodie in the merch shop 🥰

And then there’s workshop 3!

PRIESTESS – Here is where we go beyond strategy, beyond science, even beyond spiritual… we go in to the metaphysical. 

The power behind the Money Consciousness Method… is the Power of the Priestess.

This is where we get a little bit magical with money.

In this workshop I give you guys a more thorough introduction to the energy bodies to help you understand how energy flows from your Source / Soul connection, carrying your desires through your energy bodies and into manifestation.

The reason many things don’t come in to manifestation is because these energy bodies act as filters as well as gateways, and when negative vibrations are trapped in the filters, it stops the flow of energy, and therefore stops the manifestation in its tracks.

If you’re struggling to manifest money, you likely have blocks in your filters which is slowing down the flow, or stopping it altogether. The emotion you have around money is an indicator into which energy body the energy is stuck in. Quite often it’s multiple energy bodies.

The most common places are in the 4th energy body and the 6th energy body which is where we hold the duality of trust & doubt (4) and faith & fear (6).

In workshop 3, not only do I help you to understand these deep energetic concepts, but I also help you to alchemise them there and then, and the bundle also includes the audio version of this Priestess Practice which you keep for life so you can continue to alchemise the energies as your money consciousness and money flow increases to facilitate the financial reality you desire.

Each of the 3 workshops comes with homework and journal prompts in a workbook format, again yours for life so you can keep revisiting this work to deepen your practice and continue expanding your financial reality to match your desires.

And then there’s the Q&A replays which are worth their weight in gold. Real people with real financial problems, money mindsets that you’ll be able to fully relate to, and ALL the solutions provided by myself in Mia in our infamous coaching double act!

Plus the Priestess Practice Audio.

Plus the Money Code + the Money Code Workbook

Plus it’s all LIFETIME access, and all for JUST £111

You’d be mad not to. Like actually mad not to.

Bear in mind this is currently the cheapest training I offer on money, and includes all of my most up to date teachings, concepts and riffings on money, recorded just a few months ago…. it’s worth thousands, simply from the amount of time and energy I invested into the videos. Plus that Money Codes… has only previously been available inside my highest tier mastermind, the SourceMind, so this is not something you want to miss being able to get your hands on!

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