What’s Clogging Your News Feed?

In a world of social media saturation and obsessions it’s easier than ever to become subject to the media frenzy’s and swarm of negativity that radiates at you from your various tech devices. Have you considered that perhaps sometimes your moods or beliefs stem from the information you absorb from that glowing screen on a daily basis?

Once upon a time there was TV, radio, and newspapers. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Periscope, Snapchat, Tribe, YouTube and countless more platforms dictating how we feel, what we think, and conditioning us to act in a certain way. We are brainwashed. And there’s no escape.

Or is there? You could switch off social media all together, or you could choose what you allow yourself to be brainwashed by?

How about injecting some positivity into your feed and unfollowing all the crap that makes you angry, sad, obnoxious, pretentious, confused, objectified and goodness knows what else…

Here’s my top five pages to like and follow on Facebook:

  1. Brightside – Inspiration, Creativity & Wonder
  2. Power Of Positivity – Daily inspiration, motivation and tools to live a happier life
  3. Lessons Learned In Life – Providing inspiration and motivation
  4. Living The Law Of Attraction – Law of Attraction, Motivation, Personal Development, Meditation, Manifesting, Spiritual Growth. Helping you to live an inspired life
  5. Spirit Science – Coming together to create something new

Unfollow everything else and if you can’t do that, delete the app! You’ll find yourself a much calmer, relaxed and loving individual.

Have a gorgeous positive day


Harriette x


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April 12, 2016