Whatever your question is, the answer is in the numbers…

I’ve been deep in temple throughout January, in ceremony with myself, committing to a slow start to the year and honouring the darkness of the northern hemisphere as an opportunity to integrate my shadow and reflect on my inner wisdom. 

There’s one thing that keeps making itself abundantly clear to me…

 The answers are right in fucking front of you!! 

^^^ THIS is what needs to be said, needs to be taught, needs to be practiced DAILY by every single being on the Planet.

The Universe communicates in numbers. 
The Universe is built on numbers. 
WE, as energetic human beings, as Souls within bodies, are created from and through numbers. 
WE, ourselves, create from and through numbers. 
EVERYTHING can be understood and explained through numbers.

We’re bombarded by numbers daily. They’re everywhere. And most people choose to ignore them and remain completely oblivious to them. Out of those who DO pay attention, most feel pressured by them – like the numbers displayed on your banking app screen that display the opposite of the reality you desire, or the numbers on your digital clock radio ticking away the minutes and hours of your existence, or the number of your next birthday which threatens to celebrate yet another year of static plateaued nothingness.

If you only knew the power being reflected to you in those numbers!

It irritates the bejesus out of me that people continue to externalise their power, seeking psychics and clairvoyants, even therapists and coaches to “provide the answers” for them, or to reveal what they claim they “can’t see” themselves, when the Universe continues unfailingly to provide a continuous stream of never-ending messages in the form of numbers, right in front of our eyes, all day long. 

SHE is devoted to our ease and effortlessness. 
SHE is devoted to our desire to surrender into the Receptive Feminine. 
SHE is continuously providing the insights, the secret messages, coded for our understanding only, in the numbers that SHE presents us with as we go about our day to day lives.

It irritates me further that people then take to google to search for “the meaning of recurring 7s” (for example), inevitably stumble upon a load of drivel about precisely fuck all, and then choose to disregard the sightings of these numbers as ridiculous, improbable, and meaningless. If I face-palmed any harder at this point I’d have a permanent slap sticker on my forehead.

Oh, and the icing on the cake… the one that really tumbles the entire sacred temple to the ground… the one where people spend their entire lives declaring they don’t know who they are or what they’re here to do and yet have ALL the answers at their fingertips inside their own freaking birth date!! You don’t even need to know what time you’re born! Just the date!!

It’s simple, it’s really fucking simple, and yet humans are OBSESSED with making things hard and difficult whilst simultaneously bemoaning the hard and difficult aspects of life that they themselves co-created because they went AGAINST themselves and chose to ignore their own numbers, and the numbers of Universal communication around them on a daily freaking basis.


Let’s take this beautiful mystical magical language, built on 11 numerical values, frequencies, and energy bodies, and translate it into words that make sense, directions that are clear, and applications which are tangible and practical:

How to read & receive the coded messages of SHE

A brand new masterclass on reading the numbers right in front of your eyes! 

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My love always, 

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