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Hey babe

When The Rich Mentality reappeared for me in December (I’ve been teaching this stuff for lifetimes FYI, but sometimes Source needs to push you in the right direction) I was in the middle of a Harriette cocoon.

I was winding down for the year and wanted to spend most of December reading, meditating, journaling and spending time with my family – Priestess vibes!

But the more and more I delved into my past life and The Rich Mentality (story for another day) I knew it just couldn’t wait. I had to share it RIGHT NOW and FAST. So I did. With a select group of the School of Mastery who for begin the first 50 to join got a bonus Masterclass with me.

I shared for an hour, but only just scratched the surface and it was bloody electric!

Don’t take my work for it take theirs …

Deep as FUCK. You are a god damn goddess! – Jennifer

Love it and the fact you are real to the point and say FUCK makes it even better – Stacey

Amazing in fact, Thank You – Karen

Thank You! Needed to hear every bit of it – Lissette

Amazing!! I have like 8 pages of notes!! – Mollie

My vibes are high for the rest of the day! My mindset feels richer and I feel so ready to take on the doubt head on – love you! – Nathan

Loved this, completely resonated with me. Can’t wait to use it – Tara

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My love always



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January 24, 2020