What would you do for your client?

Would you say you’re practicing what you preach? 

I’m asking that question specifically to the coaches, the healers, the mentors, the soul guides. Or really, anyone who’s focussing on building their career/entrepreneur life through their conscious contribution, i.e, creating a business out of your gifts. 

Are you truly living by your own standards, or are you inviting your clients/potential clients to accept support whilst refusing to access it yourself? 

There’s absolutely NO way I could do what I do unless I had my own coach in my corner to listen to my ego babble, help me reframe quickly when I’m struggling to do it for myself or talk me off a ledge when I’m going through a bitch of a spiritual upleveling. Luckily, being part of the Ask H coaching team, I have Harriette and Clare on speed dial, but I also invest in coaches and healers regularly… Rachael Te Wano, Ebonie Allard and Gemma Went to mention just a few, they are all incredible.

  1. I’d lose what’s left of my sanity without them
  2. I can’t, in full integrity, show up to coach clients and preach to them about doing the work if I’m not doing it myself 

You can not ask your clients to do something you’re not prepared to do yourself, nore can you use them to financially boost your access to support. “I can be/do/have that AFTER I’ve got a few more clients” is stopping the flow of energy in its tracks. 
The minute you start telling yourself things like this it’s stopped being about the client, it’s stopped being about serving them. It’s no longer about your desire to contribute and fill the gaps in their experience with yours. It’s become about you and your beliefs around what’s possible or appropriate for you. 

That ain’t the Aquarian way my love. It’s a “we” vibe now, this has been the Ask H mantra for the last year, since we ushered in the Aquarian Age with M.O.R.E. 

Practicing what you preach is vital. Building supportive relationships and communities that share the load is essential as we navigate this new energy we find ourselves in. Do you have that person on speed dial who can offer you exactly what you need to make sure your contribution is received? Or are you stumbling around in the dark because you’re trying to do it all alone? 

We’ve opened up 9 spots with either me or Clare for one of our Angel Coaching packages. Let our wealth of experience fill the gaps in yours… let’s do this together. 

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Here’s what past 1-1 clients are saying; 

“When I first started working with Mia, I was at a point in my life where it felt like I had just run headfirst into an energetic wall. I was so insecure in my business, in my love life, in my body, and in myself. I had been soaring in confidence and joy and love prior to this, so I was so hurt and confused that I had reached this point again. Honestly, I felt broken. I felt betrayed and ready to give up on everything I had been working towards. But I knew that I was meant for more. I knew that I could be incredibly successful, and I was just steps away from a breakthrough. I just needed to get out of my own way.
Mia saw me. She helped me clear all of the energy that was threatening to suffocate me. Mia truly helped me come back home to myself and there is no possible way I can put that feeling into words. By the end of our sessions, I felt light and full of joy. I felt like the version of myself I have always known I could be. 
I was more confident in myself than I had ever been. I had the courage to not only claim what I wanted but to truly go for it. I am so certain of myself, my path, and my mission here on this earth. That alone has paid for this investment 1 million times over. I am forever grateful to Mia and to the version of me that had the courage to push past the fear of investment and just go for it. It was always worth it. Working with Mia was magic, and I deeply thank her and the Universe for crossing our paths.” Sharlene Garcia, Life Coach. 

“Working with Clare these past few months has brought the focus I needed to my business plan.  She brings the wisdom of a spiritually guided entrepreneur and mom to each conversation so I know that she understands where I am coming from.  She asks the important questions that let you know that she honestly desires you to succeed in your business as your most authentic self.” 
Lynn Niehaus, Interior Designer 

“Within less than 5 minutes of my first call with Mia, I had already shifted an old conditioned sticky money belief! She is that good!”
 -Rachel Plant
The Quarter Life Funk

“Working with Mia 1-1 was one of the best decisions I made this year. Apart from working on my self-confidence and self-worth concerns, we realised that I was using all my old stories to support those issues that weren’t really there anymore. In our last session we made a massive break through to what was holding me back from completely stepping into my True purpose, which had me crying for a good part of the session.( I am NOT a Cryer). Working closely with Mia and building that trust in her allowed me the space to let my emotions out and to really start the healing process. If you are in any doubt, I cannot recommend working with Mia highly enough. If you want true transformation, A trusting arm around your shoulders or tough love when you are getting in your own way then DO IT. You won’t regret it. I can’t wait to start my next set of sessions.”
Cherry May, Wiccan High Priestess. 

You can book a chat with me here if you’d like to talk more about which option would be right for you. 

Love always,