What Would It Take For You To Believe?

Quick Q for you… when did you stop believing in Santa Claus?

In fact, when did you START believing in Santa Claus?

Perhaps you never did.

If you’ve ever seen a Christmas movie with Sir Nicholas as the leading role, you might be familiar with the whole “seeing is believing, believing in seeing” conundrum.

As kids we have the capacity to believe the impossible without ever needing to ‘see’ it.

As adults though we struggle to believe much without indisputable evidence.

So when someone like me presents to you the idea that you can have a life truly of your own design, that abundance is your birth right, that you really can “have it all”, it can sometimes be hard to really BELIEVE it’s possible for you.

Because. Ego. Because. Patriarchal Conditioning. Because Societal Conditioning. Because sometimes being human is just f**ked.

So, today I’m on a call with a client (one of my Soul Sister Mastermind ladies), and she tells me she wants to achieve $17,000 this month.

Obviously, my response is “of course you can have that, let’s play with some options”. Because masterminding with my high-vibe clients is always fun, and easy, and results-driven.

So we riff on some figures and some options, and I speak to her ego, and her ego tells me it’s not possible for her.

^^^ This is a conditioned belief underpinning her entire manifestation process, and holding her back before we’ve even got started

So, I take her back to the figures, and ask her to punch some numbers into the calculator for me… and what does she see…?


Even with evidence staring us right in the face, we refuse to allow ourselves to see what is actually possible for us.

We DO get to have it all.

We DO get to have a life truly of our design.

We DO get to be abundant all the flippin’ time.

This is the ego mind. The conditioned mind.

The voice which says “I can’t afford it”

The voice which says “It would be bad to get another credit card”

The voice which says “That wouldn’t be sensible”


There is evidence all around you, all the time, screaming at you to be noticed, telling you that you can have it all.

The Universe is ALWAYS conspiring in your favour.

You are abundantly supported.

You are a co-creator.

You are a natural manifestor of all great amazing things.

But you’re not necessarily choosing to believe it, on the premise that you can’t see it.

You can’t see HOW it’s possible for you.

But you’re just not allowing yourself to see the evidence and the opportunities right in front of your very eyes.

Why?! Well that’s your story. And we’ve all got one.

The point is you don’t have to subscribe to that story if you don’t want to. 

You can choose a different story.

You can choose to believe. 

I promise you it’s way more fun to believe in Santa Claus, and magic, and miracles, and effortless money manifestation, than it is to believe that you don’t have enough, or that you aren’t enough.

Choosing to believe ideals that empower you is life-changing.

Choosing to believe you are a leader, designer, and co-creator of your own life, is enough to change your life.

If you’re sat on the fence, or if you’re toying with the idea of opening another line of credit, or dipping into savings, or ‘upsetting’ your cash flow… stop stewing, start moving.

Move in the direction of your dreams.

Move in the direction of beliefs that make you feel good, not anxious or stressed or worried.

If it serves you to believe you get to have it all, then believe it! And especially believe it because it’s true!

Eliminate stress, fear, worry, anxiety, obstacles, problems, and anything else you no longer wish to tolerate, from your life for good.

The power of Divine Leadership gives you the gift of absolute control.

When you understand the embodiment of this energy, anything and everything becomes possible.

Belief at such a core and fundamental level, you get to rebuild and redesign your life and business from the ground up, on the most Divine foundation you could possibly imagine.

Love always



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Posted on

December 22, 2018