What to do when you’re having “one of those days”


Oh, I know you feel me on this


Was today one for you?

If there’s one thing I know about “those days”, when shit triggers you, people piss you off, shit goes wrong, and you’re left wondering if Mercury is retrograding again… there’s only one solution.

And it has nothing to do with wine. Sorry.

I know you wanted wine to be the answer. But I’ve been to the bottom of several bottles and there’s not much there other than a hangover and ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE DAYS ?


When you’re in that moment of discombobulation, at the end of your wit, and finding life completely un-funny, here’s what you do…

You pick up your phone, you open the Voxer app, and you SHARE with your coach. Me or Mia. Two of the women on this planet who fully & completely have your back babe. 

In the words of Kassi Underwood, “Harriette transformed literally everything about my business…”

And she’s not lying. We transformed her strategy, her systems, her support team, her mindset, her energy, her message, her brand, her authenticity, her delivery, her launch plan, her ascension into the best version of herself… her bank balance (obvs)… and all that in under 3 months. Naturally she renewed her contract with me today.

Let it be known these transformations didn’t all happen inside our coaching sessions. In fact the majority of them happened over Voxer, especially on “THOSE DAYS” where shit was going down. 

Because actually THOSE DAYS are huge blessings from the Universe; massive opportunities for transformation; invitations to move further into abundant radiant expansion; and to understand more about ourselves, our magic, and our Soul Destiny.

Spoiler alert: Everyone is destined for abundance. It’s Universal Law (specifically the Universal Law of Abundance which states we have a right and responsibility to abundance…. as downloaded by Harriette Hale from Source, 2017).

And why would we choose to indulge the negativity on one of those days? When there’s an option (for as little as £88) to turn every shit day into a life-changing breakthrough. 

I mean… it’s a total no brainer.

So, come work with me (from £2222), or work with Mia (my mini-me) from just £88, and let’s ensure THOSE days become your best days, and your best days become your new normal.

Can I get an amen? And a glass of wine without any emotional expectation of its transformative power? Because that’s an unnecessary weight on your wine. Bring the weight over here, to me and Mia. We got you.

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My love always



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October 15, 2019