what to do when your partner’s in scarcity

Does this sound familiar?

“I’ve been working so hard on my money mindset for such a long time now, but my partner just doesn’t get it, they are still SO in scarcity and it’s holding me back, how can I get them on board?” 

Babe, if I had a penny for every time someone asked this question I could retire in a hot minute from now. It’s one of the MOST asked questions I get when it comes to the money work. 

It’s a valid question, once you’re on the money consciousness journey, you want everyone to be on it with you. It’s changing your life, opening your mind, shifting your perspective and making all your desires suddenly seem not only possible, but probable. Why wouldn’t you want your partner, of all people, in on that? 

But YOU are holding you back by asking this question. Believing you’re being held back because someone else isn’t choosing to learn what you’re learning is on you boo. Your partner being in scarcity isn’t a block keeping you from expanding into more abundance, it’s a reflection of WHERE you need to expand into more abundance. 

You can choose to get frustrated with them and blame them for limiting your progress, or you can THANK them for showing you your next consciousness upgrade. So if you think you’re already conscious AF, know how to call in the cash through selfless service and conscious contribution and feel like you’re a pro at personal responsibility – take a look at how conscious you’re being in your relationships. Not just romantic relationships either. Your family, your staff, your friends, colleagues, mere acquaintances, even the relationship you have with yourself – they’re all a reflection of where you’re at. 

Conveniently, Module 5 of The Money Consciousness Method is ALLLLLLL about relationships, love, sex, and how it all impacts your money!! 

So instead of huffing at your partner and wishing they’d pay more attention to your “wokeness”, see this for what it is (a great way for your ego to get you off the hook for the next level of work) and dive into the Money Consciousness Method here. 

Module 5 alone will have you expanding into insane new levels of abundance, even if you think you’ve got the rest of the money shit down.

This epic module will teach you: 

  • How to truly honour and feed your desires
  • Develop your self worth (and as a by-product, your net worth)
  • Loving your physical body as a vessel for channeling Source, and therefore money
  • Healing your sacral chakra to unlock your next level creativity 
  • The abundant secrets of Pussy Power 
  • Increasing your capacity to receive through sex
  • Conscious surrender and excited anticipation through the energy of the Honeymoon period
  • Investing in support before you’re ready and increasing your ability to DO LESS and EARN MORE

Ready for next level consciousness, mind blowing relationships and more money than you ever thought possible? 

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Oh! And you know’s partner’s money beliefs can NEVER hold them back? Sales Queens, that’s who.

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