What they didn’t teach you about being human

universal laws

All of life is an illusion, in fact, everything you believe you are is likely everything you’re not.

You have been raised with a name, an identity, complied your way through an education.

You’ve probably had a job or two and put money into savings, practiced living “within your means” and settling for less when what you doesn’t equal what you get.

I’m guessing you’ve experienced this notion of ‘health’? Subscribed to the ideal, subscribed to the shame and self-judgment when the reflection in the mirror doesn’t match.

What about love and relationships? Did someone tell you there’s a clock ticking, waiting to label you “undesirable” if the picture-perfect lifestyle doesn’t materialise by age 25?

You probably know a heap about trauma and hard times. You’ve probably done the dance with frustration, anxiety, fear, even depression.

All a part of being human right?


Being human requires us to exist inside containers which dictate how we behave “for our own good” to ensure we don’t bring harm to other people or to ourselves… the Law.

Every country has them. Some religious faiths have Laws that penetrate country borders. Most of us abide by these Laws. Our government, heads of state, CEOs of major corporations, all inflict Laws on to us, that as “good human beings” we must all abide by, without exception.

And those that don’t fall in line will be punished with penalties, loss of opportunity or even incarceration.

All a part of how the world works, right?


What if it wasn’t?

What if there was a greater Law that transcended the 3D containment that has us all held in mental captivity?

What if abiding by an entirely different set of Laws was the key to actual freedom and abundance? A set of Laws that apply to EVERY human in EQUAL measure.

>>> The 11 Universal Laws <<<

What if they opened your eyes to who you really are and why you’re actually here, on Planet Earth?

I’m re-teaching them live, next week, for the first time since 2017 and sharing with you how they’ve been upgraded, including the THIRD incarnation intention.

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You get to decide how your world, and how your human experience looks, feels and the legacy it leaves behind.


Those decisions start with understanding the Universal Laws.

See you on Monday.

Love always,



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June 12, 2020