What Makes Your Soul Sing?

Happy Friday fam, no deep and meaningful for you today, just a beautiful exercise to take you into the weekend!


I did this with my team on Monday and I’m loving hearing what makes their Soul SING!


I set about doing this exercise for myself when I made the decision to move effortlessly into my next level this year. I asked myself, what do I REALLY need to move to my next level? Not another strategy piece, not more hustle, not more hard work and complex launches… what do I REALLY need to allow myself to move into my next level with ease, grace and flow?


My Soul answered me quite clearly, from deep within, and deep beyond. She said:


“I need to SING”


Not in the literal sense… she meant she needs to be flooded at all times with things that make her sing, that fill her up, that make her fall ever move in love with our human experience. Singing just happens to be one of my things because I’m a musician as well as a Coach, Priestess, Witch & Entrepreneur. 


So to inspire you, here’s my “Soul Sing Sheet”:


Candles. Music. Flowers. Space. Luxury. Time. Words. Books. Writing. Love songs. Silk. Cashmere. Lace. Diamonds. Analog Recordings. Singing. Playing Piano. Fluffy clouds & cloud watching. Clear skies. Warm sunshine. Water. Waves. Magic. Silent caresses. Kind eyes. Holding hands. Being held in Stephen’s arms. Ballet. Ballroom. Sensual movement. Oneness. Unity. Sacred climax. Silence. Solace. Suspended moments…. and the natural organic version of Nutella on toast. 


I’ve added to this in the last week and it will undoubtedly keep growing as my Soul unapologetically makes demands on me to fill her human experience with all that she desires… abundance that can be accessed now… abundance that can hold me, heal me, and carry me effortlessly in to my next level ?


I would love nothing more than to hear what makes your Soul Sing! Why not take some time out this weekend to start piecing it together and share with me as it comes through? 


Here’s to a beautiful weekend, cocooned, in love, and fully connected to YOUR SOUL. 


I feel you already :)


My love always


Harriette x


p.s. I hope it goes without saying that I ensure I am surrounded with at least a few of these things 24/7! Right now it’s “Alexa play love songs”, whilst wearing cashmere, candles flickering on my desk (and all over the house), whilst writing heart-felt words to my Soul fam ?