What led me to the Rich Mentality?


What led me to the Rich Mentality?

My desire to learn & evolve so I could change the world. 

The constant pursuit of knowledge & study of money, successful people, the Universe, metaphysics, etymology, the human mind, the Divine Soul, quantum physics, magic, the Patriarchy, the Matriarchy, psychic gift, folklore, our history, our future… is what got me to a place of not only learning about the Rich Mentality, but embodying it, acting on it, and really truly living it to create a life full of richness in every aspect.

I’m never too arrogant or too broke to continuously pursue my studies. I’m always learning. At the moment I’m training to be a hypnotherapist, and I’m back at Psychic college enhancing my palmistry gift.

I’m consistently humble in the pursuit of bettering myself, because I know bettering myself, betters my family, betters my clients, betters my audience, betters the world.

I’ll always choose investing in knowledge over investing in cars, shoes, property, fancy holidays etc. My mind has the power to change the world, so I must fill it with the right things.

The most powerful thing I ever filled it with is The Rich Mentality. Operating from this space entirely in the last few months has opened me up to a realm of existence I’d only previously accessed in deep meditation or whilst on the healing table of my Guru. Now I live here permanently. It’s pure bliss. Nothing phases me. Nothing.

Can you imagine?

I don’t want you to have to imagine. I want this for you in real life. Because your bliss, your knowledge, and your application of The Rich Mentality in your world will not only change your life, it will change the lives of others around you, and subsequently the world.

Don’t you see? We were given inquisitive minds so we can learn. We are equipped with everything we need to change the world. We just forgot how to use the Miracle Mind.

The Miracle Mind, The Rich Mentality … whatever the hell you want to call it (it’s irrelevant)… has the power to change the world. For us and for future generations.

But it has to be a collective effort. We have to do this together. We have to form bonds of consciousness all over the globe and lead in ways of thought so others may follow. 

Your most powerful asset is your mind. It’s time you upgraded it. Again. And keep upgrading it.

I don’t care if you’re broke AF or already raking in the millions. There’s more for you to learn. There’s ALWAYS more to learn. 

Humble yourself. Find the money. Find the time. Join us. It’s THAT time.

>>> The Rich Mentality Starts Tomorrow <<<

My love always



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January 12, 2020