What is the most loving thing you can do for yourself today?


Good morning angel, sending you a big warm loving hug from London ?

If ever you have one of those delicate sensitive wobbly days, I want you to ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly:

?How am I feeling?

?What has caused me to feel this way?

?Can I choose to feel this and see this differently?

?What do I desire to feel today?

?What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?

?and then do that thing!

Humans are cyclical beings. We go through ups and downs on this rollercoaster called life, and we can’t always be conscious about it 100% of the time. Part of the human design is to feel contrast, and so the bad days are just as necessary as the good days.

However, we don’t need to let the bad days linger. We can choose instead to pull back into introspective discovery and self-care.

It’s not always necessary to shift your emotions and bounce back with forced smiles and layers of cover up. In fact forcing yourself to do things you don’t need to do on sensitive days is probably the exact opposite of consciousness.

(of course there’s always days where you need to be disciplined and put your big girl pants on regardless but that might not be today)

2019 is what we call a 3 year. It’s a call to action and a call to consciousness. 2018 was an 11 year all about self-mastery, which required a lot of self-care and self-discovery. There will definitely be a hangover from the changes and evolutions you experienced last year so forgive yourself when you slip back in to old habits and find yourself on the lower end of the emotional scale. It’s OK.

Just remember action & consciousness this year are key. So get super conscious about your emotions and work with them to propel yourself forward, even if that forward direction is to take some time out to love yourself.

Come say hello on Instagram and let me know what you’re doing to love yourself today! Is it powering through a to-do list to get the sense of accomplishment and ‘heck yes’? Or is it slow walks, deep breathing, and time with your journal to feel into your Souls message?

My love always



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May 9, 2019