What if you’d never learned fear

As the Luna eclipse draws nearer, what is the darkness asking you to see?
As we are cloaked in our own shadow, coming face to face with our own darkness, uncomfortable, maybe even painful, we still know the light will come again and if we choose it, this moment of black out can be a gift. 

“Why are you humans so afraid of uncertainty when the evidence of trust and faith are reflected all around you, in the cycles of life, in the cycles of your own body. Spring ALWAYS follows winter. Why on Earth would following the path of your Soul be any different?” 

As I sat with my journal this morning this is what wanted to be witnessed.

Imagine for a second that you’d never been taught how to fear. Imagine that your second nature was to simply recognise a desire and run towards it without question, KNOWING that the manifestation of it will be 100% supported because otherwise it wouldn’t exist.

Imagine how limitless you would feel and how strong and routed in yourself you would be. That’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s what obeying your Soul looks like.

But instead, we obey the fears of the ego that have been put there by conditioning and arbitrary rules of the system that relies on you being so conditioned. And that’s why we suffer. Because we’re following someone else’s rules instead of our own desires. Denying your desires is a Soul death.

Now imagine your child or your future child never learned fear. Imagine they went after exactly what they wanted without question. Never feeling regret, never experiencing that crushing sensation of a missed opportunity after the thing you want more than anything comes knocking at the door and you find yourself saying no because of a lifetime of giving more power to the fear than the faith.

Imagine if you could show them that faith is their default.
Imagine if you could show them that a Soul led relationship with themselves is everything.

What a Legacy that would be. 

And if they’re under 7, watch them very closely, because they’re trying to show you.

At the School of Mastery meet up yesterday a lovely lady shared how she often felt like the black sheep of her family. I defy anyone who was there or anyone who is here, on this email list, to not relate to that comment. We’re all the black sheep, and thank the damn lord!! That means we’ve noticed something isn’t working.

BUT, being the black sheep comes with a responsibility. To figure out a different way, multiple different ways, and model them to the world so others can see the freedom, satisfaction and abundance that comes from leading yourself. From remembering who you are, from mastering your energy, recognising your Divinity, standing in your power and reigning over your Queendom.

Slowly, you start an alchemical ripple effect that ushers the world into a new age. We’re a bit overdue, wouldn’t you say?

Someone has to go first, you’re here, so that someone is likely you. 

>> Choose how to go first from all the different ways to work with us << 

Love always,
(Head Coach, MD, Priestess-In-Training)