What does Divine Feminine Power really look like?


For years I have been in personal pursuit of the coveted ‘divine feminine power’ label thrown around the spiritual development world, in an effort to finally break free from the Patriarchal conditioning we all love to hate. 

This morning at 6am I felt I finally arrived in that place, and blasphemous as it sounds, it has absolutely nothing to do with freeing yourself from the Patriarchy, but instead understanding the need to surrender to it. 

I call this Soft Power. 

The Divine Feminine doesn’t cry for change. 

The Divine Feminine doesn’t condemn.

The Divine Feminine doesn’t chastise.  

The Divine Feminine moves with effortless ease, grace & flow, creating a New World, and birthing gifts of conscious contribution with every breath.

The true embodiment of Divine Feminine is something I desire for my soul sisters AND brothers all over the world, and it’s something I believe can only be learned and implemented from real-life learning and real-time experience of existing withIN that energy. Learning by example. and sharing as service through real life experience of the transformation. 

I’m yet to find a container in which this can truly happen. I’ve created many myself, and participated in many, online courses, masterminds, memberships etc, …but something new is needed. The energy of the planet has shifted yet again. The call is stronger now. Whatever it is… it’s ready for you. 

I’m in hot pursuit of it, stay tuned for more information, and know that I’m building this with you in mind. 

Are you ready to answer the call?

My love always



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July 18, 2019