What a delight!!


Hey Babe

Actual journal entry from this morning:

I want to be delighted by every email that lands in my inbox

I want to be delighted with the work produced by my teams

I want to be delighted by the proposals from my bank manager

I want to be delighted by the negotiations on our properties

I want to be delighted by the results from my clients

I want to be delighted by the men & women I get to work with

… and the list went on … and on …

Until at the bottom I wrote

I always get what I want. What a delight! ?

Asking for what we want is so easily forgotten, but we do always get what we want when we ask for it enough.

Just a reminder, that many of you have been asking me to teach you Numerology, for a long time!

And more of you have been asking for help developing your psychic gifts and discovering your Soul purpose… both of which can be found in learning the magic language of Numerology.

In this brand new 8 week course, I’ll be walking you through:


Week One: Where Numerology came from, The Gurus & their stories, Why it’s so important, how the Universe works on a numerological structure.

Week Two: The Energy & Vibration of numbers 1-4

Week Three: The Energy & Vibration of numbers 5-8

Week Four: The Energy & Vibration of numbers 9-11

Week Five: What the different positions of a chart mean and how to calculate the numerology.

Week Six: How numbers work together in different positions.

Week Seven:  Understanding numbers in a Universal sense for the collective consciousness. The numerology and energy of the year. Using numerology to predict the future.

Week Eight: BONUS CALL – Angel Numbers


Doors close in under a week so if this is a skill you’re curious to add to your own personal flavour of magic, then check out all the info and get registered!

>>> Numerology Training Course <<<

What will you see in your numbers? ;)

My love always



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February 12, 2020