We’re All Fearful of Failing


We’re all fearful of failing

Don’t let anyone tell you different. We’re all human, we all have feelings and fears, and we all desire more… that’s why we’re scared of failing, because the thought of not fulfilling our desires for more is terrifying… it denies our soul purpose.

And I don’t want that for you, in the same way I don’t want it for myself.

I launch today. And I might have done this a million times before, but it’s still bloody scary… it’s still fuelled by adrenaline, and butterflies, and a huge massive expansive heart that so badly wants to change the whole entire world, and scoop every single person up in a warm blanket of abundance and love and promises…

And then when I come back to centre, come back to me, come back to my power, I remember it’s not my job to save the whole world

It’s OUR job

It’s a collective effort

And this is, in part, what MORE is all about… it’s a we vibe, not a me vibe

And it’s a we vibe I want to tap you into today so you can feel for yourself what I mean.

Come join me for the final FREE coaching call of runway month… your runway to MORE… the month in which I just kept on giving and giving and giving, to show you what’s possible.

But show and tell is over. It’s time for you to step up. And I have one more tool in my armoury of magic to share with you.

It’s best received live, so if you can join me live, please do.

It’ll be happening in under an hour’s time (2.30pm UK time) in the Facebook group.

>>> Join us here <<<

My love always



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October 1, 2020