We got it backwards.

You know that thing the Dalai Lama said? The one about how man will sacrifice his health to make money, and then spend that money attempting to recover his health. 

Pretty astute observation of the Western World right? He also said that Western Women will change the world, but sadly, we’re all too busy doing that thing he said men do, trying to keep up with the men.

We’re too busy ignoring our needs in favour of the to do lists. 
Too busy chasing financial goals to sit for a moment and listen to ourselves. 
Too busy stressing about the next launch to ask ourselves if this life we’re creating is actually one we want. 
Too busy trying to figure out THE strategy that will change it all to realise that WE are the thing that changes it all. 

And what happens? We end up exhausted, deflated, uninspired and in some cases, sick. Or we end up under an unbearable amount of pressure to maintain the life we’ve slapped all over the gram for fear someone discovers it’s not all sunshine and roses behind the scenes. 

So instead of changing the world, we’re stuck just desperately trying to sustain the smoke and mirrors, not quite sure how we’ve ended up so trapped in our attempts to free ourselves. Humans. For the most intelligent species on the planet, we’re really not that bright are we? 

The answer is really quite simple. 

Stop trying to do it like a dude. 
Stop trying to keep up appearances. 
Stop delaying your self care, your desires or your needs until you’ve hit the level of income you’ve decided makes you worthy of them. 

They are not a reward for achieving the thing. They are the necessary and non-negotiable prerequisite to not only achieving the thing, but maintaining it in a way that’s actually sustainable, enjoyable and fulfilling. 

And you know what you can do when everything in your life is sustainable, enjoyable and fulfilling? YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. 

I’m committed to helping women radically shift their life and business to operate in a way that allows them to embody their world changing capabilities. 

If you’re with me, there’s two ways you can go all in this month… 

The Way of The Priestess – my foundational programme for women who desire to see the world from the Priestess perspective and opt out of the matrix for good! Every woman can tap into the Priestess energy, regardless of whether or not she chooses to become one. When you tap into this unmatched energy, you recognise your own power like never before, you are open to the sheer strength and impact of your presence and can call upon it to serve any situation and any person, including yourself. Starting on 11/11, you’ll start to understand the priestess craft, the unique power of the priestess, the life of service she enters into when she answers the call and the ancient sisterhood of Priestesses who walked before you. Expect a spiritual awakening like no other! 

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The Sovereign Reign Mastermind – the first mastermind I have ever run that’s dedicated to BEING instead of doing. We’ll rediscover the magic that lies in our feminine energy and remember how to move mountains without burning out or dishonouring ourselves. This is NOT 4 hour long epsom salt baths and sprawling out on the couch waiting for money to fall out of your hoohah. But it IS about remembering how to work with your Divine Feminine and honour the fuck out of your power in a way that money appears to materialise from thin air. Money DOES appear as if by magic, but not by you simply doubling down on “self care” as sold to you by the trillion dollar wellness industry. It happens when you understand how to exist in a perpetual state of receiving and surrendering instead of pushing and forcing. Women aren’t designed for that! 

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My love always,