We Finally Did It!!!

We finally did it!!!

After not 1, not 2, but THREE pandemic cancellations, we finally had our fairytale wedding day at the beautiful Hedsor House, surrounded by our family and closest friends.


The most beautiful day we shall never forget… want to see the highlights? I just posted the trailer of our upcoming wedding video on my Instagram.

And now for a very special announcement, which I’ll let the gorgeous words of my even more gorgeous sister, Charlie, unveil. The following is inspired by the way she described Stephen and I in her speech on Sunday…

Everyone deserves to discover the yang to their yin.

The strong will to cradle their gentle touch.

The sensitivity to provide a comfy respite for the sturdy exterior this world can so often require.

The thoughtful reflection to bounce off their ambition.

The serenity to weather you through every storm.

Everyone deserves a love that will ground them into a level plane from which they can manifest their idealistic impossible dreams.

You deserve your Happily Ever After.

Introducing Queen Aphrodite… The Love Programme is finally here!!

The next installment in the Queen Collection, but like it’s most recent predecessor, Sales Queen, it is not a one off masterclass, it is a full programme in and of itself. Dedicated to the reason we are all here sharing this human experience together, love.

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Queen Aphrodite is included in The Ultimate Queen Collection, so if you are already in for this, you’re set to go!
If you’re NOT already in – bare in mind that once the Early Bird sale for Queen Aphrodite is over, the price of The Ultimate Queen Collection will also rise. Adding another 4 figure programme to it is significantly increasing the value once more, so if you’ve been mulling over jumping into the entire collection for the last few months, now would definitely be a good time.

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There was once a time when even I didn’t fully believe that this type of fairytale love was even possible. But as my sister reflected to me and all of our wedding guests, I Queen’d the crap out of that too and got my 21st century princess story with a business empire for a Queendom and a Bentley for a carriage. And now my children and my niece get to see what it looks like to smash glass ceilings whilst wearing a tiara.

So with that, the price of The Impossible Dream has also risen today and WILL rise again. This programme gives you the WHO and the HOW of making the impossible, possible.

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My love always,
Mrs Harriette Jackson