We can’t heal what we can’t see


We can’t heal what we can’t see. This is why we need mirrors. This is why we need people. Partners, friends, family, coaches, peers, accountability networks, communities, healers, guides, channellers, seers…

The final member of my support squad was my husband. My deepest wounds live in my heart, in my need for love, validation, and recognition. My immense fear of not being able to have it all, of having to settle for less, of not being loveable, of not being fully accepted for who I am, held me back for years.

My little sister once said to me, about my ex, “I think when you’re out of this relationship, your life will skyrocket to new levels”. She was bang on the money. But I refused to listen. And I stayed in a toxic relationship that didn’t serve me, until one day, almost out of the blue, the man who had been a friendly ear, a shoulder to cry on, & a familiar and comforting face in my life… kissed me.

Kissed me, and sparked the most transformative alchemical experience of my life. He revealed my deepest wounds. He showed me where I was living out my trauma. His mirror meant I couldn’t run away from my lack of self-worth anymore.

I walked out of my previous relationship, and never looked back. Just like that the toxicity that once clung to me dropped away and dissipated. 

One kiss was all that was needed to alchemise my deepest wounds.

So I married him. I married my greatest mirror, teacher, and healer. And as it happens he’s a pretty freaking good coach too. My rock. My anchor. My gravity.


Sometimes the tiniest events spark the biggest shifts.


If you’re looking for a major life transforming event, stop. 

There’s something already in front of you inviting you into epic alchemy. It might not be what it seems. But it’s there. This is just one of the million ways the Universe always has our back.

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August 27, 2020