We all have a right to our beliefs, we also have a responsibility to question them


Sunday vibes Babe!

Granted this email title was inspired by a corona-conversation on Facebook, BUT, it’s led me down a rabbit hole of human psychology, and belief creation & destruction.

Run with me.

➡️ We form our foundational beliefs in childhood, crystallise these in adolescence, and project the fuck out of them on to the world and its people as adults.

➡️ Occasionally big events happen, some traumatic, some enlightening, often both, that cause us to disregard old beliefs and create new ones.

➡️ Sometimes we forcefully go through this death and rebirthing process in order to become more authentically ourselves (check yesterday’s IGTV for more on authenticity and being who we are).

➡️ This all sounds fairly massive. And for the most part, yeah, it’s a pretty big deal when you break through an upper limit and arrive at your next level you.

But it’s not just the big stuff we need to look at…

like what we believe about vaccines, or our definition of spirituality, or the money nonsense we’ve acquired from parents raised in a completely different world to us…

We need to look at the small stuff too. We have a responsibility to be constantly questioning the beliefs that drive our behaviours in the spaces of time in-between the big events. We have a responsibility to ensure that we remain in consciousness 99-100% of the time. Not just when a ‘big event’ demands it like corona-virus or a sudden change in circumstances (anything from health to love to money).

? I’m mid-launch at the moment for my signature programme, the MCM (Money Consciousness Method), and the accompanying trainer programme, ‘Become a Consciousness Creator’.

? I’m also experiencing this global pandemic lockdown like most of the rest of the world.

? I’m also grieving the death of our grandma, who we lost days after Stephen and I got married in a weird-ass Zoom ceremony. Which beautiful as it was, was a tad surreal.

? I’m also ‘home-schooling’ my toddler. Granted she’s only 19months but the kid is smart. And demanding. (She does a mean oracle card draw… might start pimping her out).

? I’m also navigating the closure of two businesses, Stephen being furloughed, and the doubling of the Ask Harriette coaching & consciousness business.

So lots happening. And I know I’m not alone. Many of you will be nodding your heads at this, like “yeah I can relate”.


What are the beliefs driving your daily behaviour in order to keep all these balls in the air?


Are you kind and conscious 100% of the time? Don’t say you are. Even I’m not. You’d have to be a god damn saint (or a robot) to be 100% conscious and kind to yourself all the time. We’re human, we have emotions, a lot of them unpleasant. 

The emotions guide us to where we’re out of alignment so we can click back in. If an emotion keeps cropping back up for you, perhaps there’s an underlying belief that keeps triggering the emotional event. It’s likely something small, something insignificant, something that wouldn’t even come up at the time of a ‘major event’. But it’s there, amongst others, and those little ones add up, like coins in the bottom of your purse. They can get heavy without you realising how many you chucked in there over time.

I’ll give you some examples of mine (I have to laugh at myself, super cute ‘High Priestess’ over here being human AF):

  • Daily IGTV lives, yes that’s what people need right now, my energy is infectious, I must be online every day

quickly followed by

  • Launches are ease, grace & flow. I get to chill, take it easy, let the team handle it, receive the flow

followed by

  • My ego always has something to say

Do you see how these thoughts are contradictory?


They all take place in less than 30 seconds, and are alchemised very quickly. So a non-issue right? Because I recognise it,  I alchemise it, and then it stops? Wrong.

These are more than just thoughts. They are beliefs because they are thoughts that recur and therefore influence my behaviour. Thereby, creating another belief that I have to keep alchemising my energy throughout a launch in order to keep the money flow open.

Now this is probably the ‘big belief’ that I would get to and ‘heal’ had I not pinpointed the underlying ‘little beliefs’ that created the ‘big belief’.

You see where I’m going with this? Pretty cool stuff hey? Now, of course, my super cute conflicting beliefs are having a party in my head about whether to go live on IG because this shit is gold and I would almost definitely blow a few minds… ?

However, fortunately for me, I have more than just this tool in my kit thanks to my own signature system, the Money Consciousness Method. So ima say “not today bish, it’s Sunday, Ima chill in my robe, rock the top knot, binge on Disney+ with my tiny, and watch the money roll in from the comfort of my hubby’s arms”.

Because I get to be, do and have whatever the fuck I want. I get to be completely transparent with myself about my beliefs, my behaviours, and my desires. I’m plugged into Source so consciousness flows through me like a Light, reflecting my highest greatest good back to me. And it’s always keeping me in conversation with my own evolution, not periodically, but daily, sometimes hourly.

Want to learn how to do this for yourself?


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May 24, 2020