We all do this (even me)


If you’ve followed me on Instagram for any length of time you’ll know my rags to riches story

Actually it was kinda more like a riches to rags back to riches story (like the whole sofa surfing and living on beans on toast for 6 weeks whilst I was jobless and homeless), but I digress.

There’s something familiar about every stage of my journey that I know you can relate to.


And my God she’s worse than fear because at least with fear you know you’re stuck in one place and you ain’t going anywhere. With Doubt you’re in and then out, forward and then back, up and down, and so all over the shop you get motion sickness and then lose all concept of stability and desire.

You become a hot mess basically. 

Decision making is impossible when we’re in doubt. So typically we leave doubt and just go back to the comfort zone of fear. At least we know we can stay in one place there. Right?


Here’s what I mean about the dance with Doubt.

Person: OMG I’m signing up for this mastermind, I’m so excited to take my business to the next level

Me & My Team: Yay, we’re so excited to do this with you! Let’s jump straight in.


?What if this isn’t the right time?

?What if I can’t commit the time?

?What if I don’t make enough to cover next months payment?

?What if I’m Harriette’s only failure? What if I’m not made for this?

?What if everyone else is cooler than me?

?What if Harriette isn’t the right coach for me? What if she can’t answer my questions?

?Is she going to make me do Instagram stories every day like she does?

?OMG I can’t do what she does. No she’s definitely not the right coach. Wait, maybe I’ll ask her.

Person: Can you just make it super clear to me how we’re going to grow my business?

Me & My Team: Sure * delivers faultless business strategy *

Person: OMG, amazing, OK I’m definitely definitely in this time


?Wait, just wait a few more days

?Just wait to see if more money appears in the business

?Just wait to launch the new programme and then sign up for the coaching

?Just wait until the 1st of the month, or the full moon

?Or maybe it should be the new moon

?Wait, is Mercury retrograding right now?

?OH god, and it’s Christmas in a few months

?Yeah ok now is definitely NOT the best time

Person: I’m really sorry, I just looked at my calendar and I Don’t think I can make this work

Me & My Team: Your calendar won’t allow you to grow your business? You’re sure?

Person: Yes because I’ve got lots on and it’s nearly Christmas and I just think I should wait

^^^ I mean really…. REALLY?! 

I’ve heard it all babe ?.

And what I hear is doubt. 

And even you can see the ridiculousness of this exchange. 

I can and will change your life and business. 

And your doubt and fear can and will prevent all forms of expansion happening. 

The choice is yours.

Who are you going to listen to?

Ask yourself who has a track record for building successful people, businesses and impactful causes?


Or your doubt?

I thought so. Doors are closing in under 24 hours.

>>> The Soul Money Mastermind <<<

My love always



Posted on

October 2, 2019