Warning: Triggering Content!

Talking about the Priestess Portal here but this is applicable to all containers that feature incredible opportunities & a price-increase structure…

➡️ When the price raises from £1000 to £2000 on a £10,000 offer and people declare “oh no I’ve missed it!”

😒 No babe… you’ve missed it if you don’t get in once the doors close. You haven’t missed anything if you’re still being offered a killer deal.

🤦🏻‍♀️ And I bet your first Q to a coach is “how do I shift my money mindset?”. FACE PALM!

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change!

🤯 You’re choosing to believe that you’ve missed out when you’re being offered an £8500 discount. That’s called opportunity blindness.

And you wonder you’re so stuck in your scarcity narratives?!

🤯 You’re determining your “missed out” status based on what other people have and what other people have done. That’s called giving your power away. 

And AGAIN… you wonder why you’re so stuck in scarcity narratives?!

You haven’t missed out if you didn’t get your arse in gear and sign up at the lowest price point. You had plenty of notice, you just chose not to move. That’s on you. You haven’t missed out just because other people chose to move when you didn’t.

You’re being offered another opportunity to come in at a crazy discount. Really want to shift your scarcity narratives?

See this is a second chance, as another OPPORTUNITY – because that’s exactly what it is.

Or you can choose to see it as a BLOCK that’s preventing you from getting what you want. No boo. The price point isn’t a block. YOU are the block because you’re choosing to perceive what is actually an OPPORTUNITY, as a LIMITER.

You can expand or contract. Your choice. Whatcha gonna do?

^^^ Thing is, you know how much you want this because of how disappointed you are that you didn’t move when it was £1000. So you know what you WANT!! Go get it!!

I say this with love. Sometimes the truth stings but this is the kinda tough love you can expect in the Priestess Portal. I won’t let you escape your brilliance, or your potential. It might be hard to get in the room because of your stories, it might be harder to stay in the room when I start calling you on your bullshit, BUT… at some point you’ll decide you’re never leaving that room because the transformation will be obvious.

I love you


p.s. I really am going to stop offering such insane deals… I love you, I really do, but motivating people to move and go after what they want is one of the most thankless jobs in the world! The clients who get it, make big investments, see the returns, and keep investing are the kinda women I really want to work with 100% of the time. I have a massive heart which is why I still help women at all levels, but sometimes the scarcity narratives I see drive me up the freakin’ wall, and it’s your job to move past them, not mine!

If the whole world understood personal responsibility we’d have achieved world peace by now. You’ve got to take personal responsibility for your reality AND for your desires. Observing where you’re at through a lens of scarcity and “oh no I’ve missed out” whilst completely ignoring your desire to move out of that space is only going to result in one thing… staying EXACTLY where you are. Don’t ask me to deliver this opportunity again next year. I won’t do it.

You’ve got 9 more chances (one for each time the price goes up). How many times are you going to declare “oh no I’ve missed it” before you actually make a move? And realise you haven’t actually missed anything at all? That was just your bullshit getting in the way of your desire.