Wake up. You’re building the box you’re living in.

Probably not the slap in the face you wanted this morning, but one we all need from time to time.

Even me.

Because the reality is, our current experience, as in EVERYTHING that we are experiencing, is a result of our own beliefs, decisions, and subsequent behaviours & actions.

We build the box we live in.

Even if we don’t like it.

Even if we play the blame game and try to subscribe ourselves to bullshit such as:

❌“But I can’t make that sort of money”

❌“I’m limited by the amount of money I make”

❌“I only earn X a year so that’s all I can spend”

❌“I can’t have a YSL handbag, I can’t afford it”

❌“Money doesn’t just fall out of the sky, how am I supposed to get that extra money?”

❌“But there was a recession in 2008 and I’m still recovering from that”

❌“I’ve reached the height of my career so this is the most amount of money I’ll ever make”

❌“I have to work my full time job for X years so I can’t grow my business properly until then”

❌“I’m tied to my job so I can pay off my debts so I can’t do what I love until I’m out of debt”

❌“I don’t have the time because I’m already committed to so much”

❌“I don’t have the skills or the patience to learn, and I can’t afford to pay someone to help me”



Those are slaps across the face. You are welcome.

If there’s one thing I know to my core, it’s this:


Even money. And time. And your beliefs.

?Energy can be alchemised.

?Energy can be expanded (in fact it expands even if you don’t want it to).

?Energy can not be removed. But it can be altered.

?We can alter our mindsets.

?We can alter our energy.

?We can alter our beliefs, decisions, behaviours, and then ultimately, our reality. 

?Because everything is energy.

I consider myself one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to energy.

I am THE leading expert in Money Mindset int the UK, and the only one in the world who teaches Money, alongside spirituality, energy healing, and quantum physics. 

Because this isn’t just woo woo crap babe. It’s science.

It’s fact. It’s proven.

All you’re missing is the knowledge, and the know-how… i.e. the tools you need to shift your own reality, so you don’t become dependent on one of those cowboy coaches or therapists I mentioned in last weeks email.

I’m no cowboy. But I’m also no push over.

If you’re looking for a fairy god mother to make all your wishes come true, then you need another one of these… ?

⚜YOU are the power.

⚜YOU are the answer to your problems.

Unfortunately you also built the box you’re living in. 

Which is where I come in.

A hard-ass, wisened, no-nonsense money coach, energy healer, and Priestess.

On March 28th, I am hosting a one-off Virtual VIP DAY, bringing you Soul-shaking, heart-breaking (yes this shit gets real), life-awakening transformation in JUST ONE DAY.

We are here to break that god damn box you built, because be honest Ellie, it’s a bit shit, and I’m pretty sure you’d like a new reality… even if it’s just an upgraded version of the one you’re currently living in.

Who doesn’t want more?! It’s OK to want more!

It’s OK to have more!

And it’s OK to make the transformation you need all in one day.

Who said it has to take a lifetime? That’s just another bloody box you don’t want to live in!

Societal conditioning needs to do one. Too many boxes.

I digress.

On March 28th, we spend a day together, virtually, in a group of high high high vibe souls who are aching for up-levelling and transformation.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

my signature Money Mindset System Breakthrough Method,

blow your mind with Quantum Leaping practices,

teach you a whole new way to look at life and the Universe,

guide you through an energy healing, and clearing,

and then give you the tools to template your own energy

so you can consistently keep upgrading even after the VIP day is over.

Can’t make it live?! Don’t worry. We are recording the whole thing and will be creating a mini-course afterwards so you have lifetime access afterwards whether you attend live or not!

All for just £272 (or select the weekly payment plan of £91 x 3)

Here’s all the info you need babe:

>>> Virtual VIP Day <<<

See you there!

Love always



Posted on

March 14, 2019