Using low vibrations to move on & rise up!


If you’ve had eyes on the gram recently you’ll have seen I’ve been dealing with a lot of hate & trolling on my IGTV vids. 

I dealt with it in the only way I could… the way that serves the greatest &  highest good to raise the consciousness of the planet. 

A much loved follower reached out to express gratitude and appreciate for my work (as hundreds of you did actually… thank you), and she observed that I perhaps hadn’t chosen the easiest route as I’d elevated to confront the haters head on and deal with the situation publicly, which could have perhaps opened me up for more abuse. 

My response:

“If easy was of high service then I’d choose easy. My decisions are never about me. I choose to be conscious as fuck. That means serving the greater good and the collective consciousness! To be fair your perception of ‘easy’ is exactly that… it’s yours. I don’t even consider what’s easy. I consider what’s conscious. I’m here to contribute. Not to make an easy life for myself. As it happens, being conscious is the easiest and fastest route to Soul fulfilment.”

And this attitude is exactly what stops me from being sucked in by low vibrations and negative energies. 

Every negative is manifested into an incredible positive. And honestly, it’s marketing gold… showing people how everything is an option, a conscious choice… an illusion!

I practice what I preach and live life on my own terms, which sounds very easy, and there’s gazillions of people on the gram saying the same thing, but what does it actually mean to live life on your own terms?

For me it’s a Soul-coming. A homecoming to my Soul where I know exactly who I am, what I value, what I desire, and what I’m here to do. And NOTHING can impact the strength of that foundation. It’s a truth which dissolves any chance of low moods, negative vibrations, pity parties, or blame games. 

I’m still human, which means the low vibrations still come in, and the difficult emotions are felt, but I recognise that these vibrations and emotions are there to serve me, to remind me to come home to my Soul, and so I enter into the Soul-coming phase, which is a period of alchemy, personal responsibility, introspection, and high high HIGH service (like the rant I shared on Instagram last night).

Ultimately when we use our emotions to guide us back to service, we come home to our Soul truth. 

This is POWERFUL stuff. You can use your low vibrations to move on &rise up instead of staying stuck. 

And remember, keep the vibe high, this is YOUR life, no one has the power to pull you down other than you. 

Love always

H xxx


Posted on

June 19, 2019