Using Fear as a sales tool is not OK


I touched briefly on this on Instagram. If you’re not following me, please come say hello @harriettehale.

I attended an event in New York last week where I repeatedly witnessed fear being used as a sales tactic and it literally made my skin crawl. It’s disgusting. And it wasn’t just the event organisers using it either… I overheard and witnessed the event attendees using it on each other too, offering unsolicited advice, and using scare mongering to manipulate each other into booking sales calls. Fucking gross.

I’m all for helping each other. In fact, I sat and gave multiple Priestess readings to attendees whilst I was there, for FREE, without asking for anything in return. Because frankly I had nothing better to do, so why not serve instead of wasting time?! And if those people want to talk to me about taking our conversation further, that’s on them, but I certainly won’t be telling them they can’t progress without my assistance in their life, because frankly that’s bullshit, and it instills an energy of disempowerment, which is the antithesis of what I teach. 

In fact, three of my 1:1 clients have paused coaching with me until the New Year, because they’re so empowered & transformed by working with me. To quote one of them directly:

“I won’t renew… superstar H has got me to a place where I know exactly what I need to do this month. I will definitely continuing working with Harriette though. Should I just fill out this link when I am ready in December for Jan 2020? I can pay before then too and hold a place for Jan?”

And this is what coaching relationships SHOULD look like. Full of service, abundance, authenticity, and RESULTS!

I don’t need to use fear-tactics to sell people into my packages and programmes, and neither do you. Challenge the conventions.

I’ve been in business for 13 years, having built several 6 and 7 figure companies myself (which I’m still running FYI), so I am more than aware of the typical sales techniques… psychological marketing, FOMO, scarcity deadlines, limited time offers, limited availability, the consequences of NOT signing with a coach. Heck, I’ve even used these techniques. When they are LEGIT.

A recent example… I opened the doors for the School of Mastery for 8 days only. I said it would be 8 days. And it would be 8 days. And I’ve turned people away who have since asked to join. It wasn’t false scarcity. It was genuine. Because it’s in my interests, and yours, for me to stay in my integrity. No one was scared or tricked into signing up. No one. Of all 155 people.

Black Friday is looming (yes I will have an insane offer for you, keep an eye out) so please be vigilant and be aware of all the fear-based sales techniques that will be filling your news feed and your inbox . Don’t buy in to anything that doesn’t come from a place of authenticity, alignment, service, and integrity. You know what serves your greatest & highest good. Don’t be persuaded to make anything less than high vibe purchases from a place of HELL YES.

Speaking of HELL YES decisions, I’m available as a coach for a few months for a handful of people ready to make the final 45 days of the decade a full on HELL YES moment. 

As you’ve seen, my clients don’t need to work with me for months on end to get incredible results. Obviously the longer you work with me, the better it gets, but it’s not always necessary. Robyn and Nate had life transforming results in just one month. They won’t be back until the New Year. Caroline has been working with me since January and has gone from 100k a year to 100k a monthAnne has been working with me for just 6 weeks and we’ve completely transformed her personal and business identity and made her globally available. Ali has just had her best financial month ever. John has completely pivoted his business model and for the first time in years he’s fully in alignment and freaking excited to get his work out there (watch out for him on my Instagram real soon). And the success stories continue. 

Working with me 1:1 comes at two levels. The VIP level where you get my entire team working with you inside your business. And the Ask H coaching level where it’s just me and you making the magic happen. Two levels for different budgets and different stages in life and business.

So whether you’re looking to ramp up your business life, sex life, relationships, or spiritual development, I’m here at your service. Your Priestess. 

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November 13, 2019