Unconditional Desires

It’s Friday, it’s the 1st of October, that only means one thing… time’s running out to join us in any or all of the Mastery Pathway programmes. 

There are still many of you dancing around the threshold to the Quantum Mastermind or the full Mastery Bundle who are making your desires conditional. It’s an automatic response, many of us have been brought up this way. Who remembers being told they could only have dessert if you cleared your main plate first?? The messages we’re sent in childhood about the worthiness of our desires and our ability to receive are really quite insidious. 

As an adult, it ends up looking like this… 

I’ll buy the outfit once I’ve lost weight. I’ll start the business when the kids are older. I’ll make the investment when I sign another 2 clients. I’ll think about really scaling once I’ve managed to replace my day job income. Etc etc etc. 

Every time you do this, you’re embodying a frequency of “My desires are not valid unless X happens. My receiving is dependent on something I don’t have control over” 

When you embody that frequency, you give your power away. You remove yourself from the energetic exchange you’re considering and you keep yourself stuck in a narrative of not being able to want what you want. It becomes a vicious circle, because as you create a reality of not getting what you want with this frequency, you take that as proof that your desires are in fact conditional, and round you go again. 

This is why you hear so many people in the coaching industry say “but in order for the money to appear, you need to make the big investment first”. 

It’s true, but there’s a caveat. You first need to make your desires unconditional. 

You need to change the narrative to; “because I desire it, I’m energetically matched to it. Making this leap supports me in manifesting all that I desire”. This opens you up to receive unconditionally and means the energy around the investment is fully aligned. This is such an important piece, and so quick to shift into! 

If you make an investment from a space of “I HAVE to do this so that I can get what I want”, or because the person selling has executed a genius “fomo” campaign, or you’re fully in scarcity or even feel as though you have an obligation to invest, it’s all happening in a tight, constricted energy which will only ever yield constricted and limited results. 

But when you come from an expansive space of “I am valid and worthy of all my desires, they are not conditional, as I make this investment I allow myself to step into a greater place of power, a greater place of trust, I lean into my fear, follow my fear and KNOW my investment gets to be returned to me 10 fold”.. That’s when you create exponential results. 

It’s still scary, but the difference is that you’ve made your desire bigger than your fear and you take action from an expansive energy. THAT’s what returns your investment. 

It will feel uncomfortable, you’ll be acutely aware that you’re leaving your comfort zone, but you’re choosing to shift your awareness from where you’re currently at to where you want to get to, and that feels beyond exciting. 

So if your desire is to be in Quantum, or anywhere else on the Mastery Pathway, this is your invitation to consider how conditional you’re making that desire, and shift into a new vibration, take a different action, and watch yourself rise.

We close the doors on Monday.

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