Truth Time

I woke up a bit fiery this morning. Well actually, that’s an understatement, I’m never “a bit” of anything. I’m a LOT, and that’s a huge reason why I am where I am in my life. I simply refuse to do and be a “bit” and as a result my manifestations don’t come to me in bits. 

You see, you can dick around wasting time & money whilst saying you wish you had more time & money…. or you can do something about it.

Them: “I want to fix this issue I have like yesterday”

^^^ dicks around for 2 weeks deciding if they can “afford” to spend a few quid solving a problem that will make them thousands

Them: “I want to learn how to do X so I can achieve Y”

^^^ dicks around being indecisive (not realising they’ve already made the decision by declaring what they want), misses the deadline, adds name to waitlist, lives with the problem for another year

Them: “I want to wait until I’m finished with this coach before I hire another one”

^^^ dicks around prioritising perceived safety whilst inadvertently fucking with their nervous system because they’re spending longer in the reality they don’t want.

Shall I go on?!
What do you want?! How can that gap be served?


Why the fuck would you wait?! WHO are you waiting for?!
Oh yeah. That would be you. 

You’re not waiting for more time/more money/less on your plate/the kids to be older/the dog to be house trained/etc etc etc. 

You’re waiting for YOU to say ‘fuck it, this is what I want and I’m having it’. You’re waiting for YOU to actually put some skin in the game. Investment portfolios don’t build themselves, you have to put money in first. Often money you’re TERRIFIED to part with, but that’s the whole point of investments… your money grows! 

Where do you need to put skin in the game right now? Where do you need to invest so you can actually start seeing a return?

Are you struggling to get people to buy your offers? Do people just not seem to see the value of what you’re putting on the table and it’s making you question if what you’re offering even IS valuable? 

Perhaps you get tonnes of people eating up your free content but when the time comes to step inside your paid containers, suddenly that ball of tumbleweed is the only thing anyone can hear. 

If it feels like there’s a disconnect between your audience and bums on seats at your table then your offers aren’t orgasmic enough. 
If you’re sick of showing up all the time and becoming resentful of all the free value you share, your sales game needs taking up a notch!

>> The way we fix that is Offer Queen, £1777 << 

Perhaps you’re in a place right now that feels a bit funky, a bit stagnant, a bit unfulfilled. Allow me to let you into a secret – none of that’s true. You’re just uninspired, probably from trying to fit a model that wasn’t built for you and probably from allowing all of this “bit” energy to dim your light and stop you from being your FULL self. 

You’re either in full alignment with your Soul passion or you’ve left yourself. No judgment, we all do it, but the key is to recognise it asap and lead yourself back to you. To re-embody your gifts, your magic, your rock star ability to turn yourself and everyone around you ON to what you do.

>> The way we fix that is to walk with me, ALL IN, on every programme I release for the rest of this year £3333 <<

Perhaps it’s taking you longer to get your business off the ground than you thought, and you’re starting to question if you’re even on the right path. Your passion for what you do and how you help is beginning to wane as the pressure to discover the golden strategy mounts by the day and you just can’t figure out how to attract people who want to buy from you, how to sell your offers or how to battle the ever changing algorithm and actually get eyes ON your offers!

>> The way we fix that is to bundle up Content Queen, Offer Queen & Sales Queen – and 2 for £2222 or all 3 for £3000 <<

Perhaps you’re feeling really stuck in your negative narratives and trapped in a spiral of “what the hell is the answer”, spending all your energy on money worries and business fears whilst your power drains away with each anxious thought and overwhelmed emotion. You just need a bestie on speed dial to redirect you and shift your perspective FAST.

>> The way we fix that is Pocket Priestess, £333 << 

Perhaps everything’s actually hunky dory on the surface and you’re technically crushing it at life and business, but being so comfortable is starting to irritate you. Having everything you want is wonderful, but it’s just not hitting the spot in the way it used to. You feel that next quantum leap calling you, beckoning you into an overflow so all consuming that you begin to have real world impact. But that little ego voice chimes up daily with “but could I really do that?”, “do I actually have what it takes”?

>> The way we fix that is to work together 1-1 for 3 or 6 months <<

If you want change, you get to buy it. 

It really does get to work like that, money is the fastest way to solve anything! Including making more money! 

And might I remind you that you don’t have to pick just one thing, it’s likely you’ve resonated with several, if not all of them, and it’s likely that you’re feeling that rocket under your bum starting to ignite and demand that you start being a LOT. So you get to have a LOT. This is exactly why I created The One

The One includes everything I’ve spoken about above, everything I’ve ever created in the last 5 years of Ask Harriette, everything I create and release whilst you’re inside The One, PLUS quarterly 1-1 days with me on Telegram, PLUS the Aquarian Business Programme!! (The only thing it doesn’t include is the full on 1-1 packages and masterminds, future or previous).

>> Get The One for a full 12 months (basically how you fix it ALL!!) <<

See you on the inside! Oh, and take this as your permission slip to sell ALL THE THINGS TODAY!! Offer Queen out.

My love always,